• S2 Finale Ponification Cover: Koron Korak, SDreamExplorerS & Romeo Nightinamare - Guardians of Canterlot (Guardians of Asgaard Parody) [Metal]

    Fancy a tasteful ponification of a Metal track from Amon Amarth, now made to be about the events of the S2 finale? It shall be delivered right now, courtesy of Koron Korak, SDreamExplorerS and Romeo Nightinamare who teamed up for a breathtaking and definitely very Metal rendition! As the description says, everything in this is real instruments, Romeo singing, Soul Strings/SDreamExplorerS at the guitars and bass, and Koron on the drums/mixing/mastering! Also Koron drew that very cool cover art for the cover, and imagined them 3 joining the fight!! I can so relate to imagining that kind of things, it's the power of Passion too!