• Open Art Event - Draw Your Favorite Scene or Interaction from G4!

    Generation 5 is about to be swapped out for good on the series and movie front by generation 5, but that doesn't mean we need to forget it. There were so many amazing moments that made this show one of the best out there, from minor interactions between characters to big epic conclusions to season-long storylines that resulted in all the feels.

    Time to celebrate that! Since we have some time until Rarity day on the 8th of September, I figured we'd fill the gap with a little week long open art event. A place to celebrate our cartoon horse companions across the board with your favorite scene! Your mission is to find a spot in all 9 seasons of Friendship is Magic and redraw it. You can do multiple if you like, so feel free to have fun with it!

    Send the submission to Submit@equstriadaily.com with OPEN ART - FAVORITE SCENE as the subject of the email, with a link to your submission on Twitter, Deviant Art, Derpi, or wherever else it's hosted. The deadline will be one week from today, so get them in before the 28th of August at 12:00 PM PST.