• 40+ Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day - 2019 Edition!

    We've got another 40something fanfics for you all to read for Derpy Day! This doesn't include the stuff from last year, so if your favorite derp isn't here, it's probably over there.

    Slice of Life

    When We Took Back the Stars by Dubs Rewatcher

    Equestria hasn’t seen a shooting star in over a thousand years. Derpy Hooves thinks it’s time to give her daughters a Hearth’s Warming gift they’ll never forget.

    Words are Louder by Ciroton

    Derpy Hooves goes about her usual daily routine, but with a slight change: she tries to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Will she be able to become friends with the introverted unicorn, or will she put her off with her... unique ways?

    One Letter at a Time by Silent Whisper

    Being a mailpony is often an unrewarding job. You deliver letters and packages, and sometimes you mix things up and other ponies get upset. Still, there's got to be something positive that can come out of such a dull and thankless career, and Derpy is determined to make the most of it.

    Even if she never gets any credit for the effort she puts into it.

    Discord's Daughter by Speedy Quill

    Discord lounges around Canterlot Castle without a thing to do. A reformed life has taken every surprise out of life. Until Celestia drops the bomb on him: He has a daughter. And what's more is that Celestia wants him to reunite with her with Twilight's help.

    The Muffin Therapist by FlashKensin77

    Another day for Derpy, another day with more ponies yelling at her for some reason or another. She makes her way to her one safe haven in town, Sugarcube Corner, to find some solace in a certain treat. But after getting some crushing news, its up to a certain baby dragon to help her through the day.

    Filling Space by Noble Thought

    Hearth's Warming Eve.

    A night to celebrate new beginnings, to be with family and friends, and welcome the new year.

    For Derpy Hooves, a few things are missing.

    Have At Thee by Tramper

    Derpy participates in a tourney.

    Hearth's Warming Eve by Admiral Biscuit

    It's a snowy winter day in Ponyville, and everypony is home...except one mailmare, struggling to finish her rounds before she can get home to her family.

    Derpy's Reward by KevinItk

    Derpy arrived home after yet another long, grueling day at the post office, wanting nothing more than to unwind with a nice cup of tea and some muffins.

    She never would have expected Twilight Sparkle to interrupt her rest, nor did she expect the events to follow when the Princess of Friendship wanted to talk about a deed that had gone unnoticed.


    Princessence by Baal Bunny

    Dinky has finally gained her wings and become an alicorn! But stopping at the Princess Registry to get her new title brings some discouraging news.

    Beauty Will Tear Us Apart by Meta Four

    Ditzy Doo, Royal Secret Service agent in training, tracks an architect whose building almost destroyed Ponyville. The trail leads right to one of Canterlot’s most prestigious art museums. Help from fellow agent Time Turner ensures this job won’t be too hard; help from an unexpected old acquaintance ensures this won’t be too easy, either.

    It means days of research, prep work, and amateur art criticism; five minutes of sheer terror; and hours of cleanup—in other words, an average job for the Royal Secret Service.

    Dinky vs. the Moon by Dubs Rewatcher

    For thousands of years, the moon has waged endless war on innocent beaches. Every day the tides wash away countless sand castles, crushing the dreams of foals all across Equestria. Somepony needs to stop the moon's heinous crimes—and, at last, it looks like somepony will.

    After her sand palace is washed away by the ocean, Dinky Hooves takes it upon herself to do something that should have been done centuries ago: destroy the moon.

    The Great Muffin War by Akumokagetsu

    Twilight Sparkle is gifted an enormous supply of muffins by Princess Celestia as a prank. Instead, Twilight and Derpy 'defend' the library from potential invaders.

    Luna and Celestia Hunt The Derpy by Dismantled Account

    Luna and Celestia hunt The Derpy. Things get out of hand.

    So, Just What Went Wrong, Anyway? by Kwakerjak

    Today's the day that Applejack is leaving to compete in the Equestria Rodeo, but something's... off. Derpy's been acting strange, even by her usual standards. Eh, it's probably nothing, right? After all, what are the chances that an eccentric mailpony behaving even more oddly than normal could ever be important in the grand scheme of things?

    The Loneliest Laundromat by PresentPerfect

    Sudsy Bubbles spends her days working alone at her laundromat. Try as she might to attract customers, no one ever comes to wash their clothes.

    That all changes one fateful day when a frantic blue-haired girl, her clothes soiled, shows up looking for a place to hide. What happens next, neither of them could predict, but they'll certainly remember it.

    Off The Market by Summer Dancer

    Since neither of them have dates for the Spring Fling, Flash Sentry and Ditzy Doo both agree to go together as friends.

    Unfortunately, this leads to Canterlot High thinking that they're actually dating.

    Princess Derpy Cometh by lunabrony

    -Alternate events DURING Magical Mystery Cure-

    A moment three years in the making, it's at last come time for Princess Celestia to choose the next Princess of Equestria. Everything has been planned out, the planets aligned, the proper paperwork submitted.

    It was supposed to be so easy, so simple.

    How did things end up like THIS?

    "Derpy, Be a Dear and Save Hearth's Warming" by Vivid Syntax

    It's Hearth's Warming Eve, and Rarity is FAR too busy to go save Equestria. Luckily, there's one pony she knows she can count on.

    Perfect Posteriors by Dubs Rewatcher

    Derpy Hooves, muffin lover and mailmare, always believed she was just an ordinary mare...until one day, when she discovers: her butt is MAGIC. Now, using her powers, will she be able to save Ponyville? Or will it be doomed to live under the tyranny of trees, overpriced restaurants, and store-brand peanut butter?

    Lyra's Human 2: Derpy's Human by pjabrony

    Several years after the events of "Lyra's Human", Derpy Hooves decides that she's lonely, and wants to meet a human for herself. Together, Derpy and the human have crazy adventures across worlds as both learn what it means to be true friends.


    Happy Ending by not plu

    Golden Harvest farms carrots, is incredibly devoted to her husband, and lives in bubbles.

    Written Script writes and travels far too often, but is charismatic and well-liked.

    Derpy likes muffins and is legally unfit to take care of her foal.

    And then there's Dinky, who (legally) belongs to Golden Harvest and (legally) must visit her mother once a month.

    Life is incredibly complex, but it's also profoundly simple.

    Where Did Daddy Go? by UniqueSKD

    Dinky Doo asks her mother a question.

    Derpy Hooves finally reveals a truth.

    Undeliverable by ocalhoun

    A collection of letters to Ponyville's Mailmare.

    Late Nights at the Hooves Household by ObabScribbler

    After Derpy is late home several nights in a row, Dinky makes a sad discovery about why her mother works so hard. Being the clumsiest pony in town can be a costly problem, but Dinky wants to help fix things for her Mommy.

    Derpy's Hoofington Route by AstralMouse

    Derpy Hooves is rumored to be passing through the Everfree Forest on hoof faster than a pegasus can fly. What's her secret? A journalist from the Manehattan Herald intends to find out.

    Derp by PaulAsaran

    Beige Beaker is a chemist with a promising career ahead of her. She's got a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a loyal best friend. Yes, life is good, and Beige knows it.

    Then there's the 'accident.' It wasn't an accident, Beige knows that, but how else can she explain what happened? Suddenly, life has gotten harder, and it's getting worse. And worse. And worse. None of it makes sense. Bad things don't happen this quickly without explanation.

    Is it bad luck... or is it a curse?

    Perfect by RarityEQM

    Twilight has been waiting for-freaking-ever for her first edition, autographed hard cover edition of the newest Prancy Drew novel.

    Three times- THREE times it's been improperly delivered, and Twilight has HAD IT with the town's mail system and the town's mail mare!!

    A Dinky Little Problem by CoffeeMinion

    On the surface, Derpy Hooves is doing well. She has a comfortable home, a happy daughter, and a steady job.

    Below the surface, things aren't adding up. The house needs fixing, Dinky needs sitters, and Derpy's hours are being cut back.

    When the one pony who can really get under Derpy's skin pushes her toward a decision she can't make, everything threatens to come crashing to a halt.

    Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos by Vaatidj

    After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ultimate Mail Carrier Ditzy Do finds herself trapped with fifteen other Ultimates by a strange bear named Monokuma. According to him there is only one way to leave the castle: kill someone and get away with it in a trial. Ditzy now must work with those she's stuck with and solve the murder of those unlucky. Will she be able to stop the murderers from getting free, or will the blackened get the best of them?


    Looking For Trouble by CoffeeMinion

    Ten years after the Friendship Games ended in disaster, Sunset Shimmer’s self-imposed vigil over Canterlot keeps its survivors relatively safe. But one day a stranger comes to town looking to unearth a secret that Sunset had buried in the past...

    How Sweet it Is by Cranberry Muffin

    When Rainbow Dash makes some changes to the Ponyville Weather Crew's weekly team meetings and implements a snack duty rotation, a certain clutzy pegasus finds herself with some major problems -- The main one being the fact that she can't cook to save her life.

    With her scheduled snack date fast approaching, poor Derpy has no clue what do, other than fail miserably and get laughed at, as per usual.

    Fortunately, it's Thunderlane to the rescue!

    Address Unknown by remedy

    For Derpy Hooves, it seems like every day gets worse than before. Her whole life she has been seen as nothing but a rolling disaster. She's seen as a clueless, quirky, messed up pony, simply due to her walleyed disability. How can she possibly hope to erase the stereotypes she was assigned? For Derpy, it's impossible.

    Impossible, that is, until she chances into a certain purple unicorn. Will this meeting be yet another failure, or could it be the opportunity she's been looking for, and how could that opportunity affect her life?

    Tripping over your Hooves by Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

    A pair of unlucky ponies are lucky to meet one another.

    A short and sweet story about a first date.

    Slide by Comet Burst

    Thunderlane had never thought he would meet a mare who would turn everything he knew on love and relationships upside down. He always figured that if he ever found a mare worth dating, she would be a close friend of his who he could talk to easily.

    That was before a simple mix-up introduced him to Derpy.

    Now on a date with the wall-eyed pegasus, he finds out that sometimes a pony needs another to sleep peacefully.

    Whooves, Doctor of Psychology by nowego

    Perhaps Doctor Whooves is not a medical doctor or a time lord, but a doctor of psychology.

    The following are his journals after he receives instructions from Princess Celestia to permanently set up shop in Ponyville to keep an eye on Twilight Sparkle and her friends, where he learns more than he bargained for.


    My Past is Not Tonight, Either by Pascoite

    Has Sunset actually changed? She’s nice enough around her friends, and one of them has become something wonderfully more. But what does her girlfriend see in her?

    Split Eyes by Meta Four

    “Past experience has taught me that telling other ponies about what I do is a bad idea.”

    In this economy, it’s hard for recent graduates to find and keep a job. That goes double for a young mare fleeing the personnel of the insane asylum. This is the story, in Ditzy Doo's own words, of how she became a fugitive... and how she found a place where she could stop running.


    Ponies Protecting Ponies by Venates

    We are Ponies Protecting Ponies, a secret organization founded by Princess Celestia for the good of all of Equestria's citizens. Whether it's running protection, disaster prevention, or a terrorist threat, one of our agents is on hoof. We do what we must to give our friends and family their peace of mind. We blend into the background, just like any other pony. Watching. Protecting.

    Under order from Princess Celestia herself, our agents have been assigned to the protection of a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle with specific instructions that the espionage tactics we're known for stay in play; Sparkle can't know a thing. She hasn't been a hard VIP to secure thus far; most of her time is spent either at Princess Celestia's side, or in the Canterlot library. Hopefully a brief visit to the nearby town of Ponyville doesn't bring her safety into question.

    A Storm of Chaos: A Doctor Whooves Adventure by Shotoman

    Discord's statue has vanished from where Celestia had put it in the royal dungeons, but it doesn't seem to be because Discord himself has escaped. Rather, somepony has stolen it. Now the Doctor and his loyal companion Derpy will search time and space to find the culprit. Bring on the drums!

    A Great and Powerful Heart by Deep Pond

    While visiting the earth pony town of Promise, the Great and Powerful Trixie is coerced into searching for a missing foal against her own better judgment. But things are not as straightforward as they first appear. When push comes to shove, what kind of pony is Trixie at heart?

    Doctor Whooves -- The Last Enemy by Lets Do This

    The Doctor is on the run, from an adversary that has pursued her across all of space and time... the last enemy there can ever be. Fortunately she has family and some good friends along to help!

    A crossover based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor. Also explores the question: what if Time Turner wasn't the Doctor all along?

    Rerouted by FanOfMostEverything

    Ten years ago, Ditzy Doo vanished. Ponyville mourned her and sorely felt her absence, but over time, the tragedy lost its sting. Sad as it was, they all accepted Ditzy's disappearance and moved on with their lives.

    All but one.

    Come Tartarus or tidal surges, Dinky Doo is going to find her mother.