• Derpy Day Ends!

    And that about does it for the Derp horse. We've posted most of her stuff already, so it was harder to fill a day up. We've got a 19 day break before Starlight Day begins, and I know she's had a ton of stuff since her last day so it should be  more active.

    For other days, check out the calendar. Chrysalis day was added, and she will be happening on the 4th of June for Cheese day. 

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed the derpy! Get some misc stuff below.




    [1] Source

    Derpy pyrography (Brettchen) by Malte279

    [2] Source

    Practicing Kindness - digitally colorized by Malte279

    [3] Source

    A Derpy Hearth's Warming to you! by Malte279

    [4] Source

    Rainbow Derpy Pyrography by Malte279

    [5] Source

    Derpy Cutie Mark shot glass and cork coaster by Malte279

    [6] Source

    Ponyville Dreamheroes by Malte279