• Derpy Day Discussion - What She Means to You, Likes, Dislikes, and More

    When one talks about Derpy a person is really getting to the very heart of the fandom. Created after the very first episode when a wall-eyed pegasus accidentally got into the background shot she has had a history as long as the mane six. There from the very beginning she has sort of been our mascot, and as the fandom grew so did her presence, her personality, and people's love (or hate) of her.

    She's had her ups and downs over the years, but, like the fandom that created them, she has weathered them all.

    So what do you think of our silly little mail mare? What do you like or dislike about her? And what would you like to see from her as a last hurrah in season 9?

    Talk about all that and more in the comments!

    Twitter: Calpain