• Derpy Day - 23 Awesome Songs to Jam To

    Derpy Day content! I blame all the newsy stuff for the lack of it. Head on down below the break for a bunch of awesome songs dedicated to Derpy.

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    Great to be Different (Original by Forest Rain, feat. Decibelle) by Forest Rain Media

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    Hay Ms Derpy (Original Song by Forest Rain) by Forest Rain Media

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    PrinceWhateverer - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings (Ft. Aiko & Senra) [REINVENT] by PrinceWhateverer

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    Griffin Village - Autumn by JackleApp

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    Ponky & Eccentrifuge - Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) by LookOutLondon

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    I'll Be Waiting (Derpy's Song) - original MLP song by MandoPony by Applejack AJ

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    Universe (feat. Fluttershyay) by Metajoker

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    SoGreatandPowerful : What Went Wrong by SoGreatandPowerfulArchives

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    Yelling At Cats - What Went Wrong by Deleted Pony Songs

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    Knights of Time and Space (feat. Pierce Smoulder KeikoandGilly) by LaRaikaa

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    Twitch - Erased by AVINOID

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    Canapplejack feat. Pencil Eraser - Pieces of Me by canapplejack

    [13] Source

    Lovestruck Derpy by P1K

    [14] Source

    Derpy's Dream (Original Song) by ElectroKaplosion

    [15] Source

    Otherwise (ft. Lil' Everfree) by 4everfreebrony

    [16] Source

    13 Muffinland - Pony Empires Complete by Carbon Maestro

    [17] Source

    Heceta - FritzyBeat hugs Port Blue by FritzyBeat

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    Pinkie Guy x ismbof - Give Me Eyes to See (Feat VOCALS from Solrac) by ismBoF

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    Steal Your Heart and Eat Your Muffins - SlyphStorm (Drawfiend Song #1) by SlyphStorm

    [20] Source

    Defect (Drum & Bass) by Hay Tea

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    A Theme for Derpy by DerpyCrash

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    Ditzy's Heartbreak (Re-recorded) - Josh LeVitre by Luna Jax

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    Igna - derp by Igna