• What Will PONE Be Used For? Will You Finally Get to Cuddle Your Equine Waifu? (TLDR; PonAI!)

    (Note: Episode followup tomorrow cause today is going to be a mess)

    Friendship is Magic took over the nerd world years ago, thrusting everyone into a wonderful land filled with colorful talking horses highlighted by questionably curvy features. Indeed, there was once a time where you couldn't go three clicks without running into a MLP avatar, or ten clicks without stumbling into a "plot" joke. Pony is the engine that drives Ponecoin, and our road map has high hopes for how far it can take both EQD and the fandom as a whole!

    You've heard about Waifu nodes in our "How to mine" post, and learned that defending your favorite pony will be the true driver of how the ledger functions, but what is the mid game? The end game? The ultimate goal of Ponecoin that will make pony fans, young and old, rich* and happy?

    Get our incredibly in depth and thought out roadmap below! And keep an eye out for PoneAI as it roves around comments today. It's in very early testing phase and gathering information on which pony it should be based on the one with the most positive feedback!

    APRIL 2, 2018 - ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Launches and funding begins!

    Coins have a set price to begin with if you aren't mining them! Buy em up while they are cheap and help fund the project!

    MAY 1, 2018 - ICO Funding ends, Pony Winner Announced*

    The pony with the most coins mined in their name wins! This will be the first pony we focus on for the true goal, detailed below.

    MAY 2, 2018 - EQD Lamborghini Purchased

    (Insert Lambo here)

    EQD needs a Lamborghini so we can look cool and successful at Crypto conventions and with our various future fortune 500 partners. This is just part of the game. No need to worry~

    MAY 3, 2018 - 2nd Round of ICO Funding Begins

    More rounds of funding means more hype! HYPE HYPE LETS GO!

    MAY 17, 2018 - EQD Road Trip to Everfree Northwest in new Lambo 

    In order to make sure that our new EQD Lamborghini is absolutely safe while we travel the country making your PONE worth more by advertising it everywhere, we will be testing it on a long distance trip to Everfree Northwest!

    JUNE 1, 2018 - 2nd Round of ICO Fund Raising Ends, Pony Winner #2 Announced*

    The second winner* of our final goal is chosen here! More Details in the R&D section below!

    JUNE 2, 2018 - EQD Island Retreat Bought (Planned somewhere in the Bahamas)

    All this crypto sure is stressful. We need an island retreat so we can better serve you, via weekend retreats somewhere relaxing. Studies have shown that workers that work less hours are actually more productive overall, so it goes without saying that workers relaxing at private retreats during their downtime are even more productive.

    JUNE 3, 2018 - 3rd Round of ICO Funding Begins

    Gotta make the money somewhere! The final round, and hopefully most HYPEST.

    JULY 1, 2018 -  3nd Round of ICO Fund Raising Ends, Pony Winner #3 Announced*

    3rd Pony Winner announced! ICO funding ends and coin added to all the exchanges. Here's where your coin is going to go from cents to hundreds. 21,000% gains just like Etherium*. Congrats!

    JULY 2, 2018 - EQD Private Jet and Water Slide Bought

    I saw on those church TV channels when I was a kid that a leader buying a private jet will help lift the poor out of poverty via trickle down jetanomics. This same concept works for PONE. Our private jet will lift the price of your coins SKY HIGH!

    JULY 3, 2018 R&D Begins - Pony AI Driven Android Creation!

    The ultimate goal of Ponecoin has arrived! With funding out of the way, we can finally focus on what this coin is all about!

    That information you provided while debating about your favorite pony (that we are keeping 100% secure because privacy is our #1 goal of course) is gathered up and used to teach a real-life AI pony android how they should or should not act in order to create a perfect reflection of their in-show counterpart!

    This is where R&D begins on the worlds very first Trixie community pony android with the most coins mined in their name announced back on May 1.  Waufu Node owners will receive free early access to buy one once manufacturing has completed. Congrats! Go hug your pony.

    JULY 28, 2018 - EQD Private Jet Trip to Galacon! 

    To help advertise, of course.

    AUGUST 10 - Trixie  Pony Android #1 Now Available to the Public!

    You can now purchase your very own community developed, AI Driven pony android!

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 - Volcano Lair

    Funds from sales of Trixie androids are used to build a secret volcano lair with submarine launch dock, helicopter pad, wine cellar, private mountain-side golf course, ski slope and artificial snow, and elevated yacht dock with canal passage on EQD Isle. Cause we need it for... things. 

    SEPTEMBER 2, 2018 - Helicopter purchased

    (shaped like a pony instead)

    Cause EQD Isle's artificial beach expansion project probably makes the island too big and it's a pain to get around on. Walking in sand sucks.

    SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 - Android #2 AKA BAT_AI Project Begins 

    Cause an edgy pink bat OC pony with lacy purple socks and a giant red bow might win month #2 for some unexplainable reason*.

    OCTOBER 5, 2018 - Velvet_Droid Manufacturing complete

    Including personal spa and selection of exotic socks from around the world added to volcano lair on EQD Isle.

    NOTE: Early Access is only available for Pony Android #1
    NOTE2: Pony Android #2 may not be released for due to obscure bat based laws in every country expect EQD Isle. If a bat pony is chosen at least*.

    NOVEMBER 1, 2018 - Boring Legal Stuff

    Legal Team hired to defend your coins from rogue countries! ...and other stuff that isn't very hypeworthy.

    JANUARY 1, 2019 - Are you really still reading this? 

    What kind of crypto investor are you?

    JANUARY 20, 2019 - I mean...

    No one actually researches this stuff right? Just buy the coins alright?

    You mean you want to know what your coins will actually be used for and how this relates to blockchain technology? That information is for newbs. You don't want to be a newb right?

    FEBRUARY 2, 2019 - ...

    Lets be realistic here, a roadmap this far out is pointless anyway. Just go buy coins and HODL! #LAMBOS! #Blockchain! Never work again! How exciting right?


    *Disclaimer: as mentioned in the mining guide, EQD has pre-mined a portion of coins and may tip the scale in favor of a specific pony