• April News! - Pony Dating Sim "Pony Tales Adventures" Replaces Pinkie with Nyx! Legends of Equestria Adds Microtransactions!

    We aren't the only ones that love doing groundbreaking things for April! The gaming scene is right there with us!

    Pony Tales Adventures:

    In news that totally isn't inappropriate at all, the pony dating sim "Pony Tales Adventures" that we posted about a few months ago, has scooped up the legendary fandom OC "Nyx" for their upcoming game. Everyone's favorite Nightmare Moon filly thing has left the care of auntie Twilight and is apparently seeking to take her understanding of humanity to completely platonic and safe places. At least that's what they have promised us. Her script and storyline is complete, with art assets underway even as the month chugs along!

    Unfortunately, Ponk was deleted. I guess those looking to really party with Pinkie will have to look elsewhere.

    Legends of Equestria: 

    And in other news, Legends of Equestria has joined video game companies everywhere in slowly draining the life out of beloved childhood memories improving user payment options via microtransactions! Now you can deck your pony out in horse armor with a swipe of the credit card instead of a swipe of the sword! They even have an alicorn option, because why not?

    Happy gaming!