• ...Taking PonAI and Ponecoin Back to the Drawing Board For Now...


    Welp... That was embarrassing. It seems our little AI has some pretty significant learning to do. Unfortunately, after much deliberation and many a cancelled Lamborghini order, we are going to need to go ahead and postpone the ICO launch indefinitely. It looks like the Crypto market crashed again anyway.

    ...Not that it hasn't been doing that for 3 months now.

    Thank you all for assisting in the beta test. Unfortunately our AI cartoon horse friends and waifus will have to wait. If you want to reminisce in the potential of Ponecoin one last time, you can find everything over here.


    Now, before the crypto-friends among us decide to send me angry emails for making fun of the idea over the last 22 hours, I do want to say that while there are hundreds, even thousands of terrible coins, tokens, and upcoming ICO's out there scammin' away, the field itself and several of the major crypto options are completely legitimate and exciting future technologies. The market "crashes" harder than a blind grandmother who decided to joyride drunk in her husbands SUV almost every few months, but the tech continues truckin' along. If you do decide to take your newfound crypto knowledge and use it though, always be wary. None of us here on EQD are financial advisers and never invest more than what you aren't afraid to lose.

    We take crypto currencies here on EQD now for anyone that doesn't want to go through Patreon but still wants to support our 24/7 pony shenanigans. You can find the page for that over here. Right now it has everything from Bitcoin to Monero. Basically whatever people asked us to add. Everyone has a favorite.

    Hopefully you all had fun! And sorry for those overwhelmed with today. April fools is that one time a year we get to cut loose and just be obnoxious, and obnoxious we definitely were for 2018! See you all for a completely normal pony day tomorrow while I and Blueshift (Our PonAI bot who was 100% manual and I have no idea how he managed that) pass the hell out.