• How Do I "Mine", Or Where Do I Get Ponecoin? - (AKA Defend Your Horse, EARN COINS)!

    As an avid gamer and someone who's currently running on an 8 year old PC while crying at current prices on graphics cards, I understand how painful the current Crpyto revolution is. Miners have become a blight on our hobby, and the last thing we here at EQD want to do is help perpetuate that!

    Ponecoin is different
    Ponecoin is better
    Ponecoin is fueled by something you are doing anyway


    Through technological powers we can't quite explain here, we have found a way to harness the combined love, excitement, anger, and frustration of internet commenters arguing about who is the best and greatest cartoon horse. That's right! In order to mine Ponecoin, all you need to do is get out there and shout from the text-based rooftops about how much you love your favorite pony! It's easy:

    • 10 positive words dedicated to your personal "Best Pony" earns you .001 PONE
    • 100 positive words dedicated to your personal "Best Pony" earns you a bonus .02 PONE 
    • 1000 positive words earns you a WAIFU NODE, Which pays .01 PONE every day automatically
    • 10,000 earns you a SUPER Waifu Node, unlocking early access to PonAI (More info later!) 
    • Converting someone to your favorite pony earns you 3 hours of fun in the sun at the EQD Island Retreat! (More info on our upcoming roadmap)  
    • Converting an EQD staffer to your favorite pony earns you 3 hours ride along time in our upcoming Lamborghini fleet! (More info on that later too!) 

    You can comment on posts throughout EQD, or hit up our dedicated "mining" channels over on Discord. External comments will still count, but PONE will only be earned at 1/5th the rate.

    And because we are so generous, your comments today will be automatically tallied up and all earned PONE will be sent directly to your address once we launch tonight*! Consider it an early adopter reward. Welcome to the magic of Ponecoin!

    Once our ICO launches, you can, of course, buy and trade PONE for any currency. Our tech is just that incredible.

    "What is PONE used for?" To Come! 

    Unimportant Note: EQD will be pre-mining a ...small portion beforehand

    *assuming everything goes as planned, cryptocurrency is the wild west, so things could go wrong!