• EQD Cryptocurrency Donation Page!

    We have seen the future! The ponies of tomorrow no longer use bits. This old fashioned, centralized system was rife with corruption and fees. On with the new beginning! A lot of people asked for a cryptocurrency donation option as opposed to Patreon, and so we shall!

    If you'd like to help support EQD without turning on ads or using Patreon, here is a new option. This site is a labor of love, but it does take a crazy amount of time to keep running at it's 24 hour, 7 day a week schedule. Unfortunately, adblock has (understandably) become pretty much a norm, and the mobile versions of EQD pay pennies unless we ramp up the obnoxiousness. I know I'm not the only one that has found mobile internet and apps to be a nightmare these days. Luckily we have Patreon and cryptos!

    Below the break, you will find QR codes and addresses to various popular ones, along with a few people have requested. With a few GUARDIAN SPOTLIGHT SPLASHES to avoid QR codes being mis-scanned. Cryptos are still very much unfriendly when it comes to user-error, and nothing sucks more than sending incompatible code to incompatible boxes.

    Anyway, go get em!

    Bitcoin Address: 3NjgaVRSJdzrCt9ZuGPvg1mUHn81RSkHVz

    Etherium Address: 0x3e7871F1611fB808552b45dfaCFa7c5Ad9513C43

    Litecoin Address: MGGrw5Rm23MCc5jJassGedF6Lkbh6e1UVP

    Nano Address: xrb_31az3asnixhuo4gtb5fo3ckdi5k7g98hmuqm89zxru6ce5dycb6gcyjbqqn6

    (Doge eventually since so many want it, but I need to figure that one out since it's closed on all of the exchanges I signed up for) 

    (Note: I don't know much about Monero, but it does require two ID's apparently. If you don't know how this works, don't risk sending. And make sure you scan the right one if using QR Code)

    Monero Deposit Address:
    Monero Deposit Payment ID:  

    Vechain Address: 0xd67fe854ae5d82cee904711ac9b9f58f1dd0bda1

    NEO Address: AJu8WgfKXjYMfep7qnDidtJVVYxJLtsrxZ