• Equestria Daily is 7 Years Old Now! Celebration Time!

    TFW you have 45 hours in Persona 5 in 5 days 

    7 YEARS OF NONSTOP PONY. Is this even healthy? Can humanity survive with so many creatives pumping out cartoon equines? Of course it can. Pony is the pinnacle. Why write a novel about people when you can make it way better with colorful anime cat horse hybrid things? It literally opens up entire worlds of puns and problem solving that makes it so much more interesting!

    EQD is officially older than some of the actual MLP target audience just now discovering the show. I've seen people around me get married, have kids, and introduce them to ponies in the time this site has been around. That is a LONG time. Just be sure to keep safe search on. It's a minefield on Google these days.

    It's weird to see how we have evolved over time. One of our earliest posts was a guide to McDonalds toys filled with swear words. In some ways, I kinda wish we stayed that way. It would definitely make followups funnier. DWK makes me jelly~

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    Looking back at our old submission section is sort of a snapshot to the early fandom. Back when greentext stories and Google Docs were the way to distribute fanfiction, and OC ponies were completely banned in Drawfriend here. We even ran a few early OC compilations that were met with outrage and plenty of people swearing we had gone to the dark side.

    Now days, we've adopted our own in Spotlight Splash up there (who needs more fanart imo) and the art side of the fandom is pretty much fueled by original characters. Drawfriend Posts can hit 70 images a day, but a lot of that is fan-made bats, plones, and general interesting designs coming out of the rampant creative center over on Deviant Art. The concept of auctioning off these characters still amazes me, and watermarking DONUT STEELS is the norm, but I can't say I don't love a lot of them. My Twitter is flooded with BATS.
    (Top bat OC)

    So, where do we go from here? What does the future hold for our chunk of the ponynet this late in the game? We've recruited an army of awesome editorial writers helping us survive another winter freeze of a hiatus, and plan to continue truckin along long into the future with as much pony as we can post. Lots of events are coming up for the summer once everyone is kinda on break. I guess that's not really the complete case since a lot of our audience has graduated!

    We are always looking out for good ideas on what the site should add. We experimented a lot last year with various postings, and while some can't really be done often, it has been pretty nonstop. I'll be adding more of these archive thingies:

    Best of Brony Animation Archives
    Best of Brony PMV Archives
    Best of Brony SFM /3D Animation Archives

    And updating the current ones with the best of 2017.

    Aside from that, ponies around the world, artist training ground, merchandise collection, and new fanfic based things from Novel Idea are all in the cards. That being said...

    Help Spread EQD Section~

    This is where I beg for help in spreading the site around. The unfortunate side effect of 7 years of internet time means things have shifted a bit, and blogs/news sites aren't really the norm they were back when we started. Spreading our youtube video, welcome guide, or just linking us to your friends when we post something you like is the best way to do it. We might do a bit of google advertising, but for the most part that doesn't help a site as lightly monetized as this one.

    More traffic here means more traffic for people sending things. It might not flood the channel with 20,000 views, but it does cause Youtube's algorithm to take notice and spread it in recommended sections when we send a flood. We still don't rank great with Google, so any help we can get would be amazing!

    I also want to shout-out to all of our Patreon supporters. You literally kept the site updating at it's current speed all last year and into this year, and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for that. I dragged my feet on launching it for months, but it's one of the best decisions we've made for the site. Everyone that has supported has been so cool on Discord and in emails. I've made some awesome friends out of it who regularly join me in journeys into whatever online game is fun at the moment, and even hit the mountains up with a few of my new bros from Norway. As a SUPER introvert who spends most of my time ponying and gaming on the side, it turns out it's a lot easier to make friends with people who you know don't hate you!  If you join me in that INTP introvert world, you know what I mean~

    We continue onward to another year of pone, and hopefully long into the future all the way to G5! Even if EQD does slow down during hiatus periods, it will always be here as long as I don't lose my hands or something. That would suck.