• Top 10 Things We Wished For that Actually Came True

    Expectations, hopes, and dreams for the future of the show. If you're obsessed enough to visit EQD, you've probably got them in spades.

    And hey, so do I. Over the years, I've watched this fandom shout into the void about a million things they wanted to see happen on the show, and sometimes, the void shouts back!

    Jump below the break to check out the top 10 times we got what we wanted, and make your MLP bucket lists for what you want to see before the end of G4.

    Here's to the more general things we've wanted over the years that we got to see in the show:
    • Exploring Equestria
    • More lore galore
    • Character or villain X returns!
    • Every Mane 6 member gets their own song
    • Twilight graduates/becomes a princess (The alicornation wasn't something we saw coming as a whole, so it doesn't entirely count for this list)
    • Sunset returns to Equestria (would've included it, but I feel like the real thing people wanted when they said that was for her to join the show and/or reunite with Celestia, and... not quite; even though it was cool to see her all horsey again)
    • My insane amount of ships that definitely totally 100% happened yep Sunlight is canon fight me out back
    • etc.

    #10. Mane 6 Families Explored

    Every season hiatus up until now, I've seen people clamouring to see the Mane 6's family members introduced and/or developed. In particular, their parents.

    And, there's good reason for that! The show is excellent at presenting the Mane 6's families in such a way that it shows why and how the Mane 6 grew up to be who they are.

    For instance, looking to Rarity and her parents, without ever saying it, Rarity's parents tell us a great deal about why she's as down to earth as she is. Despite claiming she's always "been a Canterlot filly at heart," Rarity never turns up her nose at unfashionable, small-town ponies, maybe in part because she was raised by some.

    And in general, exploring the families leads to some cute moments, so how could we not want that?

    #9. Starswirl the Bearded Appearance

    While certainly not more anticipated than seeing the families, I think Starswirl's appearance encapsulates a lot of hopes because he's so integral to the lore of the show, something we always want to see developed further.

    Plus, this is kind of a personal choice. I've been waiting for this for a long time, let me tell you.

    It's one thing to be an important historical figure in Equestria's past. Those aren't in short supply. It's another to be personally significant to Twilight, Celestia, and Luna and the most powerful magician we know of. That's an enticing combo, and it was excellent to see it play out in Shadow Play this past season.

    #8. Seaponies!

    You know what's weird about the seaponies? Everything.

    They're a ridiculous concept, but ridiculous in all the right ways. Their entire race is based on a pun, for god's sake. We as a fandom latched onto them because they just kinda come out of nowhere in G1, singing a song I begrudgingly admit is memorable as all get-out, and vanished as fast as they appeared. 80s cartoons and mindf*cks like that go hand in hand all the time, but it's still a hilarious scene.

    Plus, it's fun to run into forums and comment sections screaming SHOO-BE-DOO-SHOOP-SHOO-BE-DOO. That might have something to do with the staying power.

    My Little Pony: The Movie managed to not only redesign the seaponies to be less... disturbing, but give them a gorgeous home and backstory that makes this joke of a species into a genuinely neat addition to the world's bestiary! What a great punchline, huh?

    #7. Scootaloo's Flying Disability Acknowledged

    Back in the day, we never quite knew if Scootaloo could fly or not. She hovered when she got especially excited, sure, but little moments like the one in Ponyville Confidential where Scootaloo struggles to stay elevated for long made us curious.

    To some, this meant they longed to see Scootaloo learn to fly, but to others, it meant they wanted to see her talk about not being able to fly.

    Then in comes Flight to the Finish, where it's finally cemented once and for all that Scootaloo's wings are physically too small to get her off the ground for long. Granted, they don't look all that puny (especially compared to Bulk Biceps, holy cow), but by attributing it to a physical attribute, the MLP staff made Scootaloo physically disabled.

    Which, combined with how the episode treats Scootaloo's heartbreak and eventual acceptance of this, is supremely awesome. They could've just let it be, and we didn't know for sure they'd ever go into it, but that just made it all the more satisfying to see them tackle the subject head on!

    #6. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash Become Sisters

    Wow, Scoots sure is a great character to follow, huh?

    Before Sleepless in Ponyville, there were two trends in the fandom concerning the squirt: Scootabuse and Scootalove. Born out of Rainbow never seeming to notice Scootaloo despite Scoots being her #1 fan, Scootabuse was all about focusing on the angst. 

    Making her an orphan, sometimes homeless, not being able to fly — the works.

    Scootalove, on the other hand, came in response to that. This is where we dreamt up scenarios where Rainbow would teach Scootaloo to fly, or even straight up adopt her in some cases.

    So, when they finally had Scootaloo tell Rainbow how much she admires her and wants Dash to be her big sister, it felt like we were being listened to. And really, there's nothing cuter than Rainbow Dash taking the squirt under her wing, so it's still paying off to this day.

    #5. Fan Favourite Background Ponies Acknowledged 

    Now this is fanservice. The other items so far on this list were mostly natural escalations of things the show staff themselves set up, but brace yourselves for incoming pandas.

    Slice of Life was Hasbro-mandated, too, according to the episode's writer, M.A. Larson, so this wasn't even an idea the writers had in mind at all until it was asked of them.

    But, man, this episode is a pure, unadulterated success in my mind. It's impossible to adhere to everyone's headcanons for what these characters should be, or even some of the more popular ones (Lyra being a human enthusiast, for instance — although if they had time, revealing that she knew about the Equestria Girls universe would've sufficed). 

    Still, even while confirming some things and leaving out others, this episode manages to have as much fun with these characters as we do, and I think in how over-the-top and yet heartfelt it is, it managed to capture the heart of fan-creation and really felt like a love letter to us fans.

    Talk about validation.

    #4. Celestia Episode/Focus

    Some may argue we still haven't gotten a full Celestia episode, but we've at least gotten much more Celestia focus in not one but two episodes last season, so I'm counting it.

    Luna's been a fan favourite for years, and enjoyed two episodes all to herself as well as taking on a mentor role for the CMCs. Celestia, though, was relegated to the mentor role and her little character moments were few and far between.

    Like, she didn't get an episode's worth of development, but hey... she... she, uh likes cake. 

    Because we've seen a bit of a mischievous side, and the depth of love she has for her subjects, we've always been interested in seeing Celestia have time to develop in her own right. And even if we have yet to get a Celestia and Luna flashback episode like some fans want (which you can get in comic form now, by the way, Legends of Magic #1), we've gotten to see the pony behind the crown.

    Way to be, Sunbutt.

    #3. Applejack's Very Dead Parents (Who are Indeed Very Very Dead)

    I should probably feel a little mean for wanting the cartoon horsey parents to be dead, but here we are. And have been for years.

    We as fans noticed from pretty early on that two important figures were missing from Family Horse's family, and knowing all we do about Applejack's insane, often detrimental work ethic, her overprotectiveness of her little sister, and just her unparalleled love of family... well, it made sense to us that something happened to them. Something bad, but that might've shaped AJ into who she is.

    Apple Family Reunion confirmed (via the shooting stars on-screen and storyboard artist Sibsy on Twitter off) they'd passed on, which in and of itself was a huge deal. Dead parents on a TV show for preschoolers? That's meaningful. Even Disney waits until they're in grade school.

    But ever since then, we've wondered if we'd ever get anything more on them (because we're ravenous and can never truly be satisfied). Applejack tearfully mentioning how proud they would be in Crusaders of the Lost Mark stung at the heart, and we held our breaths throughout the entirety of Where the Apple Lies in hopes of an appearance or a mention.

    But 7 seasons into the show's run — after 7 years of our lives for some of us — we saw the Apple parents finally explored in full.

    And it was one of the show's best episodes to date, to boot. Turned out, it was worth the wait.

    #2. Rainbow Dash Becomes a Wonderbolt

    She did it, everybody! Dashie finally did it.

    Rainbow Dash wanted to be a Wonderbolt from episode 1, and more than almost any other plotline, this has been given episode after episode of focus. It's one of the shows most straightforwardly built up subplots.

    Newbie Dash itself is a divisive episode, however. I think because we went in expecting a Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Magical Mystery Cure, or Canterlot Boutique, where the importance of the accomplishment is very much celebrated. And even if the character in question has some troubles getting there, the episode's conflict ends up highlighting their strengths and makes you all the more proud of them for pushing through. 

    In that respect, Newbie Dash could be considered a subversion because Rainbow 1. Immediately reaches this long-held goal in the first few seconds of the episode, 2. Demonstrates a lot of her biggest flaws and why they came about, but more importantly 3. Embarrasses the heck out of herself (and according to some, might even give the audience second-hand embarrassment).

    But whether you liked the episode or not, this accomplishment being reached after numerous episodes and seasons of build-up is still so gratifying to see. Rainbow Dash achieved her dreams. Someone get the tissues.

    #1. The Cutie Mark Crusaders Getting their Cutie Marks

    Well, who didn't see this coming?

    If we're talking about the CMCs really and truly getting their butt-stamps, the answer is a lot of us. We knew it logically should happen someday, but back in the earlier seasons, we assumed the Crusaders getting their cutie marks would be a sign the show was ending — if not have it happen somehow within the series finale.

    That's what a number of episodic cartoons do, after all. They wait until the very last minute to let the characters reach their goals so they can keep the status quo intact. 

    But in time, we came to realize Friendship is Magic doesn't deal in status quo as much as we thought it would. Permanent changes are allowed and even encouraged to be made.

    From something as simple as all the Mane 6 writing Celestia friendship letters instead of just Twi, to a progression as monumental as the main character becoming an alicorn princess.

    So, five seasons in, the Cutie Mark Crusaders all got their cutie marks in an emotional musical showcase that also managed to redeem the villain that plagued them since the very inception of their friendship. The perfect bookend to a story we'd been talking about, theorizing on, and making fan-creations of for years.

    Now, without going into spoilers at all, you've probably heard G4 is ending in a couple season's time, so that's the question I leave you with: 

    What do you want to see dealt with before the show ends? What would your Friendship is Magic bucket-list look like?
    Obligatory reminder: Feel free to discuss Leakmageddon spoilers, but keep them covered up, especially if you're replying to someone who mentions something you know is or isn't happening. And please no official assets on EQD. Thank you. 
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