• Top Tier Fanfics to Read for Spike Day!

    We have a bunch of fanfics for anyone out there that wants to read about Twilight's #1 assistant for his big day today! Head on down below the break for a ton of them, sorted by category.

    Also a bat fic. There is a bat fic.


    Maud-lin by Pascoite
    Pinkie asks Spike to keep Maud company until she gets off work, but he can't just sit there and say nothing to Maud, right? But she barely talks back, so he keeps filling the silence, and... well, he should have stayed quiet.

    Sofa, So Good by GWFan
    Rainbow Dash and Spike compete for a job at Quills and Sofas, in order to get a free sofa. However, neither of them really knows much about the proper selling of sofas.

    Another Wedding! Extra Sprinkles! by GreyCapstan
    After the events of the Royal Wedding, Spike still isn't entirely sure what marriage is. Isn't it just when two ponies decide that they're going to live with each other for the rest of their lives? Well, there's certainly one pony whom he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with: Donut Joe and his toothsome toroidal treats.

    Calling the Shots by Midnightshadow
    There comes a time in every growing dragon's life when he has to go visit the doctors. Twilight just needs to show him who's boss... hijinks, as they say, ensue.

    Children of a Lesser Dragon God Boy Whelp Thingy Guy by The Descendant
    When Spike asked Twilight to help him create The Noble Dragon Code, he hoped a lot of things would happen. Getting worshipped as a god by legions of theologically-inclined dragons wasn't really one of them but, hey, whattcha gonna do? Them's the breaks, kiddo.

    How to Hug a Five-Hundred-Foot Tall Dragon by somatic
    Ponies like snuggles. Spike likes to give snuggles. But Spike is a five-hundred-foot tall dragon, and finds it difficult to give snuggles without accidentally popping the pony like an overripe tomato in a hydraulic press. Spike believes he has found a solution.

    The Best of Tensions by BlazzingInferno
    A massage is just a massage, isn’t it? Apparently not when Spike is involved. Somehow finding a book on pony massage specifically for handed creatures like himself is fated to end the way that most of his adventures do: with the untimely destruction of Ponyville. Unless Rarity can help, of course.

    Second Birthday by xjuggernaughtx
    Spike reveals the secret of Second Birthday to the girls. Twilight is not amused.

    Spike on Strike by Sarcasmo
    Spike has had it. It's not his fault the library is a shambles. In fact, he tried his very best to save it. And now he's supposed to take the blame? Not this time! Until Twilight starts to fully appreciate his worth, Spike goes on strike! He will not falter! He will not give in! He will stand his ground! ...if at the end of it all there is still some ground left to stand on.

    Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome by The Descendant
    Spike has finally saved up his allowance, and on a beautiful winter's day he buys his first material possession, a sled! When a technical difficulty causes him to doubt his purchase Twilight quietly uses her magic to solve the problem. But what awaits the dragon whelp as her magic turns an average sled into the Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome?

    The Amazing Adventures of Captain Invincible! by shallow15
    While re-shelving books at the library, Twilight discovers a journal she gave to Spike years ago contains stories about the great dragon hero Captain Invincible, who fights for Truth, Justice, and the Equestrian Way, defending the city of Ponytopolis from the diabolical Dr. Spectra and other assorted dangers. There's just two problems: Spike clearly wanted the stories to be kept private, and Twilight just can't stop reading them.

    The Fraternal Brotherhood of Mann by Insert Pen Name
    The mares of Ponyville lead such eventful lives, but what about the stallions? Spike the dragon is about to get an inside look at the secret workings of Equestria's silent minority...

    'Til Sunday Do Us Part by BlazzingInferno
    Rarity receives an invitation to Equestria’s most exclusive and secretive social club. The only catch is, she can only attend if she brings her lawfully wedded spouse. Fortunately, there’s a certain purple dragon who’s willing to help her overcome this little difficulty. It’s a simple, foolproof plan: get married, attend the club, and then get an annulment. Nothing is ever that simple, however… not their weekend, not their friendship, and certainly not their marriage.

    Slice Of Life

    A Day For Spike And Twilight by Jetfire
    On a beautiful spring day, Twilight Sparkle finds herself alone - save for her oldest friend.

    An Old Coot by Bachiavellian
    Spike's eleven year nap is interrupted by a little filly in his treehouse...

    Fire Spores by applecinnamonspice
    The friends we take for granted are often the ones that leave the largest impact on our lives.  When Spike falls seriously ill with a mysterious disease and the ponies strive to nurse him back to health, Twilight Sparkle comes to grips with this very realization about her number one assistant--and friend.

    A Friend Of A Friend by 8686
    With Twilight away in Canterlot, Spike is left to his own devices. But Ponyville isn't the busiest of towns and before long, boredom begins to creep. So to cheer himself up he decides to go spend time with his friends. Five stalwart companions whom he has known through thick and thin. But Spike soon begins to realise that really, those are Twilight's friends. Not his. In fact, he starts to wonder whether, since he moved to Ponyville, he's actually made any friends at all...

    A Daughter and her Dragon by Level Dasher
    Spike longed for years to have a family of his own. With Twilight's help, he applies for adoption. Can he succeed in the trials of parenthood, or will his dreams of being a proper father go up in smoke? Set seventy years after the end of Season 3.

    Edited By by TheBandBrony
    Infuriated by a seemingly unwritable essay, Twilight Sparkle turns to bashing her head against a table to ease the feeling of literary inadequacy. Luckily, Spike is there to offer some more practical advice on finishing her essay--and why she should write it in the first place.

    Of the Fair and All After by The Descendant
    During a day at the fair Spike wins a prize at a carnival game! As he enjoys all that the fair offers his mind continues to return to the token...and what a fair marking the turning point between summer and autumn means for him and the ponies he loves.

    On Pins and Needles by The Descendant
    Poor Spike, all he wanted to do is spend time near the pony he adores. Now, because of one little lie, he's in real trouble. A geography bee, a macabre doppelgänger, and an icebox all play their part as Spike and Rarity once again find themselves on pins and needles...

    Once and Future by Baal Bunny
    Ponies and dragons don't have much to do with each other nowadays. That wasn't always the case. And it won't remain that way if one dragon has anything to say about it.

    Our Gifts by The Descendant
    You know that feeling? You know, the feeling that you get when you realize you've forgotten something that is very, very important? It is 10:32 p.m. on Hearth's Warming Eve, and Twilight Sparkle has just gotten that feeling...

    Pros and Cons by Sharp Spark
    Spike sets out on a heroic quest, taking him far away from home to brave the dangers of... the Manehattan Comic-Con! He's got a lot of high hopes for his convention experience, but when things don't all go according to plan, it might take a few new friends to remind him of just why he liked superheroes to begin with.

    The Carrot Dog Fight by xjuggernaughtx
    Lunchnapping! That's what it was. A brazen crime in broad daylight. The delicious carrot dog was in Spike's claw one moment and airborne the next, spirited away by a flying thief. Now, Spike's on a mission to get back what's his. Unfortunately for him, city birds are a lot tougher than they look.

    The Dragon Who Would Not Sleep by TheMessenger
    Sleep is an interesting thing. For some creatures, it is a an undesired necessity. Children, for example, will refuse to go to bed, no matter how tired they truly are. Spike is a child and it doesn't matter how much he's yawning or how much difficult he has keeping his little balance; he is not tired and he will not sleep. "Bedtime," says Twilight. "Not without a fight," says Spike.

    The River by Ruirik
    Yesterday you were born. Tomorrow, you will die. When the river of life promises to sweep you away, All you have left is to live for today.

    The Serpent and the Apple by MrNumbers
    There comes a point in your life when you finally become aware of the road you're walking down, and where that road takes you. Where you realize the whole way's been mapped out for you in advance, and you never questioned it before. The moment where you first have to ask if you're okay with that. Spike and Apple Bloom just want to pull over for a bit and get wasted.

    The Talk by The Descendant
    When Spike returns home early from a gathering he sees something that causes him to go running from their little home...the sight of Twilight and Caramel together. Once Twilight finds him, shivering and cold, she decides to try to address his fears...by giving him The Talk. But, to Twilight's surprise, it may not be a talk about basic biology that Spike needs...perhaps something far more important is on his mind.

    Variables by The Descendant
    After his defeat at the hooves of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony the stony figure of Discord was dragged far, far, far out of Ponyville where the good ponies could eventually forget the name of their tormentor...again. But, it seems, as the months have passed some creature in Ponyville has not been able to put aside what had happened. Now, that creature approaches, and it seems as though he'd like a word with the immortal spirit of chaos...


    It Takes A Village by determamfidd
    Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help...

    A Route Obscure And Lonely by JapaneseTeeth
    On the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration, Spike discovers all of Ponyville has been trapped in a deep sleep by an unknown enemy.  What's more, even he himself is falling victim to the spell.  Fortunately, the Princess of the Night is wide awake, even when she sleeps.

    Shadow Of The Castle by Raugos
    Twilight and Spike return to the Castle of the Two Sisters, only to find that their previous foray into its depths may not be what they remember.

    The Old Country by Astrarian
    Spike's fed up with Outer Yakyakistan, a perpetually frigid land of biting wind, blinding snow, and little else. No one actually lives here, not even the yaks themselves. Twilight's company is the only silver lining, but even she can only lift Spike's spirits in short bursts. He wants to go home to Ponyville. But as they clamber up the final mountain in Outer Yakyakistan, the wind changes. Spike becomes sure that he's been here before. Except... he hasn't. Not in living memory. So just why does it feel like he's already home?

    A Dragon's Age by BlazzingInferno
    I don’t go on a lot of adventures, not unless I’m with my friends. Still, when Princess Celestia showed up and told me I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet one of my dragon parents, how could I say no? If I’d known what I was going to find, I might have…

    Filial by Dafaddah
    Spike and Twilight share a very unique situation and relationship, but its nature is a subject they've both found very difficult to broach. When they are unexpectedly summoned to the Seapony kingdom, events provide them a reminder of just how how special is the bond between them.


    Once More, With Feeling by Pascoite
    Spike is finally going to ask out his crush. He just needs a little preparation time first.

    The Secrets We Keep by BlazzingInferno
    In the midst of doing a favor for Ember in the dragon lands, Spike tells Rarity about his not-so-secret feelings. Rarity responds with a secret of her own, one that she's guarded for most of her life. They picked the wrong day, and the wrong kingdom, for a quiet heart-to-heart.

    How to Raise Your Moon by Pen Mightier
    Greed strengthens a dragon. But what of the opposite? Spike feels a little bit of himself broken away with each passing day as Rarity flaunts her newfound love with another stallion. But that's the least of his troubles. A formal gala for which he is the guest of honour quickly approaches. With the relationship between the Council of Friendship and the nobles of Equestria at stake, he is certain this gala could only end in a big political disaster. Enter Princess Luna, cunningly disguised as the sweet elegant mare by his side, intent on turning him from a laughingstock into the star of the show. But jealousy and misfortune swiftly strike, leaving Luna permanently stuck in her disguise. Together they must maintain their cover until they somehow figure out how to fix everything. As the days pass, as the 'one more day's turn into a week, they slowly come to a startling realization - Perhaps there is nothing to fix?

    Generous Gifts by BlazzingInferno
    Hearth’s Warming Eve is coming up, and Spike knows just what to give Rarity. The perfect gift, the gift that will impress his lady friend and nourish their budding relationship, is on his mind and within his price range. Nothing can possibly stop him, except for three little words that he’ll quickly come to dread: anonymous gift exchange.

    How to Woo Your Lady in Nine Easy Steps by paleowriter
    Spike orders a How-To guide book to win Rarity's heart. Will Spike be able to follow all the steps like a true gentlecolt? Will any of the steps actually work? And just what is Rarity looking for in her friendship with Spike, anyway?

    Quit Dragon Your Heels by SuperGiantRobot
    Spike has loved the beautiful and graceful Rarity with all of his young dragon heart from the moment he had first laid eyes on her. The problem was that Rarity barely noticed him. One day he decides to make his intentions known to her, only to find that she has her eye set on the handsome Baron Summersday and his quest may have already come to an end. Meanwhile, Rarity — after the disastrous event of the Grand Galloping Gala — has been in contact with a stallion named Baron Summersday via mail, as the finale of the Gala prevented him from meeting her in person. After several missives between themselves, he invites her to his mansion for the weekend as an honored guest. Rarity sees this as the possibility of her dream of finding the one for her finally becoming a reality. But is this really a dream, or a nightmare instead?

    Small World by XenoPony
    After finally working up the courage to ask the mare of his dreams out on a date, Spike arrives only to find her preparing for a date with somepony else. Heartbroken, the dragon is left to wonder where he really fits in the world, and consider the fact that he may never win Rarity's heart. Little does he know that life has a surprise for him, in the form of Rarity's younger sister Sweetie Belle.

    The Turntablist by Craine
    Confidence. A valuable trait. One that tempers the mind with an iron will, and swells the voice with power. An asset that sways the strong and inspires the weak. An unsinkable ship that braves the rapids of doubt, and sails her captain through any storm.

    Unspoken by OleGrayMane
    In relationships, some things must be said, while others are best left unspoken. At the end of an exasperating day, Spike and Rarity camp in the desert and talk.


    A Summer Twilight by Larathin Bradley
    A grown-up Spike looks back on his life and on those who are no longer with him as the anniversary of a dear friend's death rolls around. Will he be able to deal with his grief and put the past behind him? Or will it take the help of someone much older to get through the pain?

    Haunting Nightmare by Pen Stroke
    After a party to welcome the season of Nightmare Night, the library becomes the target of strange activity. Minor annoyances prelude greater events, and soon Twilight and Spike each take action to handle the situation in their own way. All the while, questions hang in the air. What lingers amongst the shelves? What watches from the corners? What stands just behind you only to disappear when you turn to look? What is in the library, and what does it want?

    It’s No Wonder That You Feel So Strange by shortskirtsandexplosions
    "Twilight, did I ever tell you the real reason why I returned Peewee to his nest?" Spike asked. But Twilight Sparkle was asleep, so her apprentice saved the question for another day... a day that would never come.

    The Star In Yellow by Blueshift
    Deep in the Royal Library is a book. A terrible book that is said to send whoever reads it mad. A book so dangerous that it has to be hidden away and secured with chains to prevent it from ever being opened. A book which has just been accidently checked out by Spike on behalf of Twilight Sparkle. The Star In Yellow is rising once more, and only Rainbow Dash and Spike can save Twilight before it’s too late. Ideas live forever. Ponies do not.

    A True, True Friend? by Blazewing
    After being given the short end of the stick by the Mane 6 once again, Spike wonders if he's worthy to be called their friend. When an unexpected visitor arrives, he decides to voice his opinions.

    Anxiety by Bad_Seed_72
    What Spike saw in the doorway of King Sombra's crystal palace hasn't left his mind. The fear of Twilight abandoning him haunts him through recurrent nightmares. Anxiety taunts him when he's at his most vulnerable, reminding him of all his failures, all his inadequacies, all his wounds. One night, this fear and anxiety manifests itself in a full-blown nightmare, dragging Spike face-to-face with his greatest fear. What if Twilight never needed Spike in the first place?

    Death by Dragon by Compendium of Steve
    This isn't the Equestria you know. The days of resolving things peacefully are well past. Friendship is just a luxury. All that matters is Order. That is where the true peace is: in Her Highness' Vision. No alternative, no questions. Either follow it and live by her grace, or deny it and face merciless retribution. The full force of her holy wrath, dealt by her most Vicious Agent. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Books can't find their way home on their own. Have to get 'em all, and Celestia help those who get between them and their guardian angel. He's a mean one. And I should know: I'm him.

    Diamond of Desire by GaryOak
    Blackness whispers within the core of the great diamond, forgotten by those old enough to remember. For centuries, it cried out from within its earthen tomb, too faint for any to hear. With the fall of Lord Tirek, the magic he had stolen surges across Equestria. The diamond thrums, resonating with the untold energy. Its voice caresses Spike's unsuspecting mind, begging him to seek out the artifact and allow it to transform his deepest desire into reality.

    In Another Castle by Vimbert the Unimpressive
    After a hard day of work, the last thing Rarity wants to deal with is anything outside of her comfort zone. Today, that happens to be Spike.

    Minnkandi Stjarna by Bad_Seed_72
    There is an ending to every great story. For Spike, Shining Armor's story will never end. No matter what Twilight, Cadence, or the doctors say. Spike isn't ready for that story to end. Not yet. There is one more thing he needs to add... if he can find the words to do so.

    The Centerpiece of My Collection by geldon
    This story explores a dragon's nature somewhat, and spins a narrative of a middle-aged Spike regaling a visitor about the favorite item in his hoard: a statue of his favorite pony. It is a story about Spike, Rarity, reminiscing, letting go, and preserving that which is most precious to us.

    The Dragon and the Photograph by Scramblers and Shadows
    Alone and far from Equestria lies a dragon; before him, a photograph of him and a mare he once loved. He remembers the moments they spent together, the moments that made him who he is, the moments that explain how he got here, and the moments that tell him where he is going.


    The Firework Lotus by ArgonMatrix
    The Firework Lotus Celebration, a grand festival which celebrates the dawn of a new year, is a tradition held near and dear to Spike's heart. But when the winds of change threaten to take this special time away from him, Spike is forced to make a difficult decision. Which is more important: what he knows to be right, or what he feels to be right? And as Spike soon discovers, it's a choice best made with the help of some friends.

    This Gift by Garnot
    Six years after her ascension to princesshood, Twilight and Spike have started to grow apart. Spike starts to fear what age will do to him, and he comes to the realization that he must tell Twilight a shocking truth before it's too late. What he doesn't know is that his decision will change everything.

    Worth It by Pascoite
    Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle a letter, asking the same question she always does. Maybe a visit from Spike will prompt her to give an answer at last.