• Elley-Ray Announced For Hearth's Warming Con 2018

    A Pillar of Equestria with an affinity for flowers visiting the land of the tulips; It seems like the ideal combo. That's why Elley-Ray, voice of Mistmane, will be headed to Haarlem, The Netherlands for this year's Hearth's Warming Con.

    Find the press release below the break!

    Elley-Ray is coming to Hearth’s Warming Con 2018!

    With only four weeks to go until Hearth’s Warming Con 2018, more and more guests and events are being revealed. Only a few days ago we released our event schedule, packed full with exciting events, shows, workshops and panels.

    Today we are more excited than usual, because we have a very special guest announcement! This year we not only have Peter New, but we have a second VA visiting us. You know her as legendary pillar Mistmane, it's Elley-Ray Hennessy!

    Elley-Ray Hennessy is a new addition to the MLP family in 2017. She is the voice of one of the legendary pillars from the season 7 finale; Mistmane! A very kind and wise elder unicorn, who would sacrifice her own good looks to preserve the beauty in everything around her.

    Next to doing some other voices for the tv show, she is well-known for providing voices in other childhood favourites, such as Sylvanian Families, The Care Bears, Babar the Elephant, Goosebumps, Blaster's Universe and currently features as "Mom" on The Bagel and Becky show. Over she course of her 30 year acting career, Elley-Ray has accumulated a total of 79 credits from various works. She is sure to provide the magical touch that will make our convention more thrilling than ever!

    If you want more information about Hearth’s Warming Con, please visit www.hwcon.nl.
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