• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 19

    Good evening everyone, how are you doing tonight? Can you hardly believe we're almost two thirds of the way done already? It feels like only yesterday that you guys began your journey into the world of art and I hope you all have learned something from the experience so far. As I mentioned at the start of this journey that it would be hard, but I hope it has all been worthwhile to you guys!

    Tonight we've gotten a nice batch of 122 ponies, bringing our total up to 4187 ponies! Keep it up guys and we'll hit 5k and beyond by the time the event ends.

    For all of these days of drawing I bet you guys are feeling a bit exhausted so I thought a simple prompt and appropriate prompt tonight would do just swell: draw an exhausted pony/draw a pony burning out. As usual, you can find our submitter here!

    Since we are so exhausted (I imagine) tomorrow is going to be another makeup day! Either giving you some time to enjoy Labor Day weekend here in the States, catch up on past prompts or try a prompt again you liked!

    Now onto our gallery of ponies for tonight! Get them after the break!

    Twitter: Calpain