• Crystal Fair 2016 Is a Few Weeks Away - General Press Release!

    We are coming up on the big day for Crystal Fair in St. Louis. About a half a month remains until the event, and they have a ton of news for anyone interested in attending.

    Head on down below to read it!


    Bronies and My Little Pony fans from all over will be returning to the Gateway City this year for the Crystal Fair St. Louis.  The Crystal Fair returns fan favorite guests, events, and more to the Sheraton Westport Plaza St. Louis Hotel at the Westport Conference Center from September 16th to the 18th.  With a theme based off Season 5’s alternate timelines, you can expect a lot of crazy fun for this year’s edition!

    Returning to the Crystal Fair for the 2nd straight year will be none other than Lee Tockar!  Tockar is known to My Little Pony fans as the voice of the fabulous serpent Steven Magnet, and the mischievous colt Snips.  In addition to his work on My Little Pony, Lee has voiced characters on Johnny Test, Beast Wars, X-Men, and more.  Lee will also be offering a voice acting class during the Crystal Fair, with tips and advice on how to be a voice actor.

    The Crystal Fair this year also features guest from the My Little Pony community.  For the 4th straight year, we proudly welcome the moderator of Ask Pirate Dash, T.J. Carson, to the Crystal Fair!  In addition to Pirate Dash, T.J. is also the moderator of Ask Mic Boom, and has moderated numerous panels in his time in the My Little Pony fandom.  Outside of pony, T.J. is the Galesburg correspondent for Tri States Public Radio, reaching audiences in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri as a news reporter.

    We are also proud to announce Tommy Oliver returning as a community guest of the Crystal Fair for the third year.  Tommy, a.k.a. BronyCurious, is known for his Youtube videos that analyze My Little Pony.  He is currently working on a novel outside of the pony fandom.  Tommy is eager to come to the Crystal Fair to meet everyone again.  And he’ll always say Rarity is best pony.

    The Crystal Fair welcomes for the first time as a community guest ILoveKimPossibleALot.  ILoveKP is a Youtube analyst and critic in the brony community.  Her most famous work is the video “Let’s Go and Meet John de Lancie,” and is one of Discord’s biggest fans.  ILoveKP’s Youtube channel which features podcasts, spotlights, and reviews has over 100,000 subscribers.  She’ll be running numerous panels during the Crystal Fair about her work in the fandom.

    And another first timer to the Crystal Fair this year is ChocolatePony!  Chocolate Pony (also known as SouthParkTaoist, Meta Artist, and the Tarot Brony) is a molecular biologist, Taoist leader, military academy graduate, and published historian who took time off from his medical studies to pursue drawing little pink pastel ponies as a full time gig. Since then he has been a community guest, panelist, and art vendor at numerous comic, anime, sci-fi, and pony conventions.

    Within the MLP fandom he is known for his Equestria Tarot card deck, Tumblr webcomics, podcast, and applying his military leadership education towards running conventions, including running the design teams and upper management for numerous pony cons. He travels the country doing lectures/panels at cons which discuss topics more “eggheaded” topics like the evolution of art forms and writing, the history of entertainment industries, fandoms and fan conventions, and the need for creating new and innovative works. Check out his panels and booth at Crystal Fair.

    The Crystal Fair will also have cosplay guests.  Princess Mandy will be returning to the Crystal Fair as everyone’s favorite alicorn bookworm, Twilight Sparkle.  Princess Mandy also is an avid fan of anime and Harry Potter.  CurvyKittyCosplay will also be returning to the Fair this year, promoting a message of body positivity and that anyone can cosplay.  CKC will be cosplaying numerous characters from My Little Pony throughout the weekend.

    Favorite events and activities will also be making their returns this year to the Crystal Fair.  Friday night will feature the Crystal Ball, where attendees can dance the night away with their favorite characters in a ballroom style dance.  Saturday afternoon’s mane event will be the infamous Lunch Panel.  Attendees bring their lunch for the day and join panelists for crazy fun that includes puns, interactive activities, and numerous jokes.  Saturday night will feature the Nightmare Night dance, with a wide range of musicians getting the dance party going.  This year’s lineup features Seventh Element, DJ Trakz, Technickel Pony, Steelcords, Crusader!, Kill Screen, and DJ Rod.

    For the first time this year, a plushie of one of our mascots will be available!  Fans can order a plushie of Toasted Ravs until September 1st, and a part of the proceeds will go to benefit our charity for this year.

    Tickets for the Crystal Fair are still available, as well as hotel rooms throughout the whole weekend.  We hope to see you at the Fair!