• Custom Compilation #144

    We actually put these wedding cake toppers in the Roundup last night and they look absolutely adorable don't they? Excellent job by LostInTheTrees!

    Customs are finally here guys! It almost feels like a dying art considering how few get sent in to us nowadays.

    [1] Source

    Commission-Pony Wedding Cake Toppers by LostInTheTrees

    [2] Source

    Tree Hugger Custom by zukos-swig

    [3] Source

    Coco Pommel and Cherry Berry Steampunk by hammer42

    [4] Source

    Fallout Equestria Brotherhood of Steel/Power Armor by hammer42

    [5] Source

    Flutterkitty by hammer42

    [6] Source

    Punk Cutie Mark Crusaders by hammer42

    [7] Source

    Halo Master Chief by hammer42

    [8] Source

    Custom AJ and Shining Armor by hammer42

    [9] Source

    G1 - G4 fillies by SilverMoonbreeze

    [10] Source

    Stevonnie by SilverBand7

    [11] Source

    Opposite Fluttershy by SilverBand7

    [12] Source

    FillyCon Mascots by SilverBand7

    [13] Source

    Pony Mania Roseluck by SilverBand7

    [14] Source

    The Elements of Insanity: Magic Mare by SilverBand7

    [15] Source

    Snowshine by SilverBand7

    [16] Source

    Raribot by SilverBand7

    [17] Source

    Prof. de Lancie by SilverBand7

    [18] Source

    Bambi, prince of the forest by Soulren

    [19] Source

    Rarity in Armor Custom Pony by Amandkyo-Su

    [20] Source

    023 Maud Pie custom by ELJOEYDESIGNS

    [21] Source

    Applejack- Rotten Apples by hammer42

    [22] Source
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