• A Bunch of People Around the Fandom Review : Dungeons and Discord

    An armada of people are getting in on this review thing lately.  It's almost scary in a way! Maybe I'll join all of you. We could call it Micheal Cera reviews: MLP, since my voice is so ridiculous.

    Go get your reviews below!

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    Ace Analyst: Dungeons & Discords Review/Analysis by MasterCode Ace Analyst

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    Dungeons & Discords Review by MrLeftTurn

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    On second look Dungeons and Discords by Rotkopfbrony redhatbrony

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    Fox-Review (feat. Mimkage): The Times They Are A Chnageling (MLP S06E16) or Changeling OCs incoming by Tricky Fox

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    Dungeons And Discords review, an over-inflated opinion. by Freedom Flash

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    BronyDan Episode 45- Dungeons and Discords by BronyDan

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    Friendship is Roleplaying (Onyx reviews Dungeons and Discords) by Onyx the Dragon

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    My little pony honest review "Dungeons and Discords" (play of the game) by Mejan Kawaguchi