• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #37 Hot Topic Exclusive Cover Revealed!

    Well… I see Tony Fleecs was serious about including more Discord on his covers! Just look at him being all angry eyes at… apparently some pony off screen. Joining him apparently are some changelings, a buzzard, and somepony who clearly has a ego the size of a small planet…

    Anyways! My Little Pony: Art is Magic included this beautiful Hot Topic Exclusive Cover inside of its pages! Featuring Discord! Gilda! And the Great and Powerful Braggart!

    As always, this cover is not yet listed on Hot Topic's website. And at the rate these covers are showing up on their site, your best bet is of course to pick it up in store!

    For those of you interested in seeing the whole image, Tony Fleecs graciously tossed it up! Check it out!