• EFNW 2016: Chantal Strand & Shannon Chan-Kent to Attend

    Making one of their first appearances since being reformed this season, the voices of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are making their way to EFNW next year! That's right, Chantal Strand (Diamond Tiara) and Shannon Chan-Kent (Singing voice for Pinkie and VA for Silver Spoon) will be attending this coming year!

    Check on after the break for the full details.

    Returning for the first time since EFNW 2012, we are thrilled to welcome back Shannon Chan-Kent, Pinkie Pie’s singing voice and voice of Silver Spoon! And this time, she’s bringing a friend with her! Everfree Northwest is proud to welcome Chantal Strand, voice of the notorious Diamond Tiara, in her first MLP:FiM convention appearance! Bump! Bump! Sugar Lump Rump! Let the friendship celebration begin!

    Chantal Strand is a Canadian actor, singer, and writer based in Vancouver, BC. Although she provides the voice for Diamond Tiara (and her mother, Spoiled Rich) in the current generation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she voiced the characters Tiddlywink and Starsong in a number of My Little Pony movies from previous generations.

    Chantal is most well known for her multiple roles in the Barbie movie series as well as her various voice over roles in such popular cartoon shows as Dragon Tales, Hamtaro, and Sabrina: the Animated Series, in which she played the characters of Gem, Pi, and Bernard. She is also known for dubbing a number of Anime roles such as Asuka and Mayu in InuYasha, Lacus Clyne in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, and Kazumi Yoshida in Shakugan no Shana.

    She was nominated for a 2002 Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance in a Feature Length Drama. In June 2002, she received honours for contributing to the Emmy award-winning program The New Adventures of Madeline, going on to play the title character in two feature films.

    Chantal enjoys horseback riding, singing, and dancing, and she also has a twin sister named Michelle.

    Shannon Chan-Kent is a Canadian voice actress, singer and actress. She is perhaps best known as the voice of Silver Spoon and the singing voice of Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the voices of Whittany and Brittany Biskit and Youngmee Song on Littlest Pet Shop.

    Her professional voice credits include Chloe in Madeline: My Fair Madeline, Chief in Pucca, Misa Amane in Death Note, Christina Sierra in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Tweazle and Friend Bear in Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot, Cherry Jam in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, Larmina in Voltron Force, Allie in Dinosaur Train, Trixie in Slugterra, Youngmee Song and Brittany and Whittany Biskit in Littlest Pet Shop, Rebecca in Dr. Dimensionpants, and various supporting characters in Sabrina's Secret Life and the Barbie film series.

    In addition to her voice acting career, she is also an opera singer (Soprano), having graduated with a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Opera at the University of British Columbia. Shannon has performed with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra as well as with local theater productions.

    In live-action, Shannon has starred in Spectacular!, The Troop, and Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, and she had guest roles in Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle.

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