• Fan Animation Equestrian Tales Releases Some Awesome Animatic Shots

    What is looking to be one of the next major fan animation projects has released an animatic style showcase of their upcoming project. If you aren't sure what that is, be sure to catch up on their earlier promo. It's pretty awesome looking.

    Anyway, go get it below!

    This is another look into the development and design underway for a new animated series Equestrian Tales, series pitch prep is under way, but our team wanted to give you the fans, a short look into the heart and soul being put into the concept and development of the series and a brand new song.

    Hope you enjoy, and if you like please leave a comment, and sub scribe more will be coming out very soon.

    Thank you very much and happy Holidays to you all
    Thanks to Treble, Sam, and Jose for sending it!