• Panini Mexico's My Little Pony Series Delayed Until January 2016

    For those of you Bronies who live south of the ditch The Rio Grande (how small that river has become in some areas truly breaks my heart) there has been a little update for the series coming out soon. It's been delayed, and is now scheduled to be released in January of 2016 as opposed to December of 2015.

    Now, the reason for the delay is simple. According to Panini Comic's announcement on their Facebook Page: the December 2015 release was Panini's initial targeted release date. However as that release date got closer and closer, they realized that they weren't going to hit that target and decided to push it back to a timeframe that they will hit.

    Of course, Equestria Daily will be keeping you up to date on the release of these comics.

    Special thanks to Chevistan1 for the heads up!