• Brenda Hickey MLP ??? SPOC Sneak Peek!

    Special Thanks to M99moron, Missbeigepony, & ZuTheSkunk for the vectors used above!

    I seriously need to get a proper header for these. Or a couple of them, for those occasions where the issue in question isn't announced and there's multiples of them.

    Why am I mentioning that now? No particular reason. *coughcheckbacklaterforaSPOCpeekfromJayFosgitt*

    Lamenting aside, we have a Single Panel Out of Context Sneak Peek from Brenda Hickey on our hands here! It is quite possibly the most unexpected…thing to come out of IDW MLP Comic line to date.

    Why am I making this claim? Well, if you don't mind spoilers you can see why after the break!

    Discord. Working  an office job. In a cubical. I don't know what this comic is about. I don't care what this comic is about. This is pure genius and I want it now!