• Jay Fosgitt Friends Forever #22 Spock Sneak Peek!

    Yes, I am going to plug Bodie Troll every chance I get.

    I think my OC acting all sneaky around a box labeled "IDW Top Secret" would be a good header. I'll mull on it a little bit more.

    RIGHT! No one came here for me typing out my thoughts. You came here for news! And this has been a really good day for news on the MLP Comic side of things! A Convention Cover soon to be for sale from IDW, two Single Panel out of Context Sneak Peeks, and later tonight IDW's Solicitations for September 2015! But until those pop up we now have a new SPOC Sneak Peek!

    And this time we have an issue number to go with it!

    Which possible pairing could Friends Forever #22 contain? I have a feeling that what's after the break has at least part of the answer.