• Slice Of Life TV Ratings Arrive - The Two Week Break Hurt

    Ratings for Slice of Live have been released over on TV Media Insights. There was a pretty big dip for how much hype the episode had, but that may be due to the fact that we had a two week break before it actually aired. Previous episodes have suffered from just one week of silence.

    All in all, it hit 431,000 viewers, compared to 594,000 from Griffonstone. If we compare it to Appleoosa's Most Wanted though, which also had a break, it did much better than the 307,000 that one garnered.

    I'm kind of mixed on breaks. On one hand, it will make the overall season last longer. On the other, it's so painful. Here's to hoping we can find a healthy balance!

    Thanks to Andrew for sending it.