• FIENDships is Magic Convention Exclusive Trade Paperback Cover

    Brenda Hickey, MLP Comic Artist and all around wonderful person (if you don't believe me spend 5 minutes chatting with her in person), tossed up the above picture on her Instagram page. Normally, comic artists/writers/colorists getting comp copies of the issue isn't particularly news worthy. It's just one of the few and small perks of making a living in that particular field.

    BUT, it is news worthy when the photo of comp copies arriving includes a never before seen cover to a trade paperback that will be released tomorrow!

    There is only one convention this cover could possibly be for. However, since IDW hasn't posted their list of SDCC Exclusives yet making that assumption is pure speculation.

    Excuse me, I need to go start badgering Seth with an ever growing shopping list on a completely unrelated matter.