• Music of the Day #467

    These two make a good duo, regardless of what type of duo that is!

    Get some Music of the Day below to celebrate.

    [1] Source
    Spectra - On Appleloosa Hill (A Gorillaz Parody)

    [2] Source
    The Living Tombstone - Discord and Gypsy Bard Remix

    [3] Source
    Fallout Equestria - Back to Life [Original by NyxTheShield]

    [4] Source
    A Rarity - Sights Unseen

    [5] Source
    Ambitions Fulfilled - Kitara poika
    Hard Rock

    [6] Source
    You're A Mean One, Chrysalis [MLP Song Parody][NSFW]

    [7] Source
    [Dubstep] One Wing - Stitches Ft. Pipsqueak (DJT Remix)