• EQD Mascot Report: Day 1 - Still Gathering Ideas!

    (Source: PuffPink!)

    I am beyond amazed at how many of you are submitting mascot ideas! It makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing so many care! So far we have received over 70 90 emails with concepts and suggestions and I couldn't be happier!

    I'll be going through the swarm of emails with the rest of the staff soon. So far we have some concepts that we love, but it's turning into an event of it's own to see what all you guys can come up with, and a lot of fun at that! Keep em' coming!

    As for a deadline since some were asking, I think we will keep this a bit fluid. I'd guess probably a week or two, though with BABSCon absorbing a lot of us it might be extended just due to how busy we will be.

     Anyway, thanks again everyone! I'm honestly flattered at how many of you are sending things.