• Discussion: Which Character Do You Think Needs More Airtime in Season 5?

    We only get 26 episodes a year, which unfortunately limits how much time each pony gets on air. Precious minutes tick by as ponies you have desperately wanted to see in the foreground take their spot waiting behind other characters, and some see barely any time at all. Before the last few seasons, people would usually ask for more applejack.  We wanted to see more to the character, and we did, in a flood.

    So, good citizens of Equestria Daily with your opinions, needs, and wants; which pony do you want to see get more air time in season five? It can be any of the mane 6, the princesses, the foals, or whoever else you can think of that doesn't get nearly enough love.

    Hit those comments up! What do you want to see them do for an episode?