• Almost 10k Free Pony Foil Cards on their way!

    Enterplay asked if you were interested in getting some free cards for your local group of pony fans, and the answer was a resounding, "Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!"

    They're on the way, folks: almost 10,000 cards going out to over 400 My Little Pony fan groups in 27 countries around the world! This was a chance to get some of the last promo foils from The Crystal Games, before hype for Absolute Discord takes over the MLP Collectible Card Game. Some groups have already gotten their cards, and more will arrive over the coming days and weeks. Enterplay is encouraging everyone who gets them to take pictures, group shots with the cards, and all that jazz, so share away!

    We still get some comments here on EQD that people don't know how to play yet. That's okay! It's never too late. Check out the Pony Primer, designed to help teach yourself and your friends. It includes the basic instructions on how to play, along with printable cards to take a hooves-on approach to learning. After that you're ready to try it out for real, and if you want more help there are some really good Youtube tutorials online that make it look easy. And if you're the Twilighty sort who likes to read the rules before you start (like me), then you can find the rulebook online, too.