• 5 Potentially Friendly Fantasy Races We Want to See In MLP Season 5 or Beyond!

    Whatever planet Equestria is on is filled with sapient races covering just about every kind of mythology and setting out thereGreek stuff? Tartaurus Check! Dungeons and Dragons? I saw a manticore! Looking for a bit of norse? Of course!

    With such a diverse portfolio of settings, it wouldn't be too surprising to be able to insert just about anything and make it work in the Friendship is Magic style.  We covered creatures a while back, and now it's time to explore some races!

    Head on down below the break to check out our picks for top 5 fantasy races we want to see in Friendship is Magic!

    Ents and Treants

    Is there a term for ponies that want to be trees? Like humans that want to be animals here on earth? With Fluttershy rockin a tree costume, I can only imagine how much she'd freak if one of these came tumbling out of the Everfree Forest (in a good way).

    Treants have been a staple fantasy race for decades, with a huge rise in popularity thanks to the Ents in Middle Earth. Could we see a ponified version of these in the show? Technically we already have Timberwolves. Giant pony shaped versions of those wouldn't be too far fetched would they?

    (But really, I just want to see Fluttershy's reaction.)


    Years ago, long before ponies was a thing, I was a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd. Every weekend I'd head over to a friends house with a group of likeminded geeky individuals and spend hours rolling dice and devouring whatever snack food they happened to have set up at the time. Never Cheetos though! Screw Cheetos. If you want to trash an expensive playmat and enforce stereotypes, you buy Cheetos. 

    Uhh, anyway, Kobolds...

    These guys are a staple in just about every basic fantasy campaign out there. One does not simply delve into a dungeon without encountering at least a room or two filled with them. They tend to be a sign that a dragon is around, and every once in a while a creative dungeon master will have a friendly one join your group for the adventurers to torture with awful lizard puns for the night while hunting down his fire-breathing boss. 


    Know what every normal human being hates? Spiders. Know what could possibly fix this relationship we have with them? Friendship is Magic.

    We've seen giant talking spiders in the comics, but dryders have yet to be explored. These (usually) half dark elf, half arachnid monstrosities live out their lives in the deepest and darkest caves throughout fantasy lore. Usually they are diety crazed web-spinning fiends, but not always. Quite a few instances over the years have played host to friendly dryders, peacefully living side-by-side with other cave dwelling sapient creatures.

    Now replace the drow with a pony on top. I saw how much you all liked that Spider Rarity from a while back. Just look at how adorable she is. Friendship is Magic has fixed people's issues for four years now. Lets go ahead and let it get us over arachnophobia too! Dryders for season 5!


    I can hear the collective groan from here, even though this post hasn't even been published yet as I write it. "Seaponies Sethisto? Why seaponies?". Well good citizen of Equestria Daily, I think that image above does a good enough job of pleading their case. I'm not talking about that shoo bee doo nonsense.  Just look at how cute she is. I want it. I want all of them. I want to feed the fish in her mane.

    How would Daniel Ingram remix the seapony song I wonder? inb4 a dubstep remix.


    Know what makes freakin epic art? ELEMENTAL ponies. Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and whatever other weird extras you want to toss on there, it all works, it's all awesome.

    I've been told I use that word a lot, but nothing makes me spam it more than a burning molten denizen of the Plane of Fire, or wispy aerodynamic creature of the Plane of Air. There isn't any other word that describes it better. Elemental races are just... awesome.

    Now imagine if you will, ELEMENTAL SUMMONER TRIXIE! I think I just felt my geek appendix burst. It can't even be contained. Her personal prime earthen prince minion is too much. We could even re-visit magic duel, with Princess Twilight Sparkle's denizen of fire battling it out for supreme elemental dominion! A war of the elemental planes with Commander Twilight on one end and Admiral Trixie on the other. The very thought makes me grin! Hold me fandom...

    I need elemental ponies.

    Have another race you'd love to see in Friendship is Magic? Drop it in the comments! Maybe we can do a poll and grab a bunch of the popular ones after this current poll I forgot to add 1940 to finishes!