• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 14

    All aboard the catbus to adventure! We're here on the cusp of our grand finale, scattered across the globe and yet still together in this wonderful little cause called learning. It hardly feels like the end at all, just another beginning. But the fact of the matter is that come this time tomorrow, I'll be giving you a virtual pat on the head and saying that there's just one final theme to conquer. Just half a month, and so much progress. It's wonderful to see. It's wonderful to say there are 348 ponies travelling all over to make into our gallery tonight. It's especially wonderful to announce our grand total has reached 6773 entries! Seven thousand is in sight! There's still a bit of time left, how much can we break it by? I'm counting on all of you!

    You're looking at the image above you and thinking you've seen it all before. And you have. Once wasn't enough, you all made that clear. So how would you like a second shot at some adorable pony plushes? Super sponsor 4DE (who could really use some extra twitter followers, by the by) has given their blessing to offer the full plushie prize pack all over again! Three more lucky people will have the chance take home some of these lovely and eminently cuddlable ponies again. All you have to do is draw! Help us finish strong. Get back on the saddle for just one more go. You never know what might come of it! As a reminder, this means:

    • First place: All six pictured plushes (and an extra mystery pony!)
    • Second place:  Choice of four of the pictured plushes
    • Third place: Choice of two of the pictured plushes

    As for our Day 12 winner, you may have already seen this piece headlining today's Drawfriend. Random number generators have a funny sense of humor! Entry #328, congratulations to NCMares!

    Like I mentioned up above, we're very nearly done here. After this prompt and one more, it'll be time to toss your graduation caps into the air and bask in the glow of a job very well done. Some of you are latecomers, jumping on at the end. Some of you are veterans from previous ATGs or just to art in general, and some of you are well and truly beginners brought here for the first time to try your hand. But all of you made a choice to try something fun and improve yourselves. I think that's worth today's prompt: Draw a pony celebrating/Draw a triumphant pony. Will you celebrate the holidays, your accomplishments, or something else altogether? Tell me what means the most to you!

    As always, submit all entries here by December 15th at 9 PM, Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). Just take a minute before you go and check below the break for our gallery.