• Meet The BlogPonies: CouchCrusader

    Next up is our own personal superhero CouchCrusader! He's best known for running the Writer's Training Grounds when we have new episodes (Soon soon). Check it out below!

    So introduce yourself, what's your name, when did you join EQD, what do you do?

    C: I'm CouchCrusader, camel case, one word where possible -- it was only meant to be a handle, not the name of my OC. According to my records (adjusting spectacles) I hopped onto EQD as a pre-reader way back in October 2011, summarily rejecting a fic from consideration because Sethisto was in it. I still pre-read stories to this day, and I helped tune that process over the past two years to make things quicker and more transparent for our submitting authors. I also provide convention panel writeups and retrospectives, episode followups since Season 3, and most recently organized the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest.

    I like writing fics in my spare time and just started a tumblr askblog two weeks ago, and I have no shame advertising either of those enterprises here.

    What's the best thing about working for EQD and what do you do in your spare time?

    C: All good writers do research, so pardon me while I raid the other interviews queued up for this series for ideas.

    If it weren't for ponies, I never would have met so many amazing people -- and that goes far, far beyond the show staff. There are others out there closer to those folks than we are, and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's more time for me to hang out with folks who create stuff in the fandom, be they artists, plushie makers, glass etchers, etc. -- I invaded an Irish pub at Bronycon this year with sixty other writers just because we could.

    EQD just gave me that little bit of justification to travel the country to hang out with people like you. And as for the people who work here, I count them among my closest friends. We argue, but we never rage; we make dumb jokes and laugh sincerely. Bringing the latest show developments to the fandom is certainly important, but we're really here to enjoy the moment and show the world the cool things people do out there.

    What's your favourite episode and whose your fave pony?

    C: In all honesty, it's been forever since I've watched an episode of pony. I'd probably locate my favorites right around the beginning of Season 2, so "The Return of Harmony" through "Luna Eclipsed." Those were the first episodes I watched live after joining the fandom, and I'd spend hours gushing with my friend in GChat about how radical the show had become.

    Favorite pony? Applejack, c'mon.

    Do you think EQD helps the fandom?

    C: I think the fandom's grown large enough that good chunks of it get along fine without us, and that's fine. So long as our feature posts bring creators traffic and other fans together, we're doing a good job.

    Is Seth really as crazy to work with as everyone thinks?

    C: Certainly, and it's for everyone's benefit. He goes on and on about Trixie and Sonata Dusk and this one Luna-wannabe unicorn who he totally puts above Luna herself in chat and it never stops being hilarious. He spends as much time in Azeroth as he does the mountains of Arizona, just because they're both there. He truly marches to the beat of his own drum. Put anyone else at EqD's helm and this ship would've sunk way before now. I sincerely believe he was (and continues to be) the best person for the job in terms of bringing the masses together.

    Thanks for chatting Couch! If you guys want to know more about him check him out at the links he dropped above or on twitter here.