• Album Compilation - December

    Albums! You look like you could use some music for the holidays, and music we totally have.  Now don't end up like me, breaking your computer regularly with a badly place subwoffer.  This brony music tends to make the entire room shake, and it turns out computers don't like doing that.

    Have some albums and artists included:

    • The Underworld's Cello: Belgerum 
    • Soft Spectrum III - Kyoga
    • 「Japan Pony Party!」 - Japan Pony Party Members 
    • Eternal - Rarity
    • Visions of the Night - GatoPaint & ShadowcatKirara
    • Voyage Of The Lost  - Undreamed Panic
    • Wild Fire EP - Mandopony and Silva Hound

    And get all of the relevant information on each below the break!

    Title: The Underworld's Cello: Music By Belgerum
    Composer: Belgerum
    Genres: Classical, Soundtrack

    Description: Contains all of the background music made by Belgerum for the MLP fan game, "The Underworld's Cello." These are all of the original works created for the game. In the game, there are also some remix tracks of the music of Uninvited, the game which inspired The Underworld's Cello. Those tracks, which were made by other artists, are not included, but can likely be obtained by asking Heroftime1000. I cannot display those here, however, as they are not made by me. (Except one, which is included.)

    Title: Soft Spectrum III
    Composer: Kyoga
    Genres: Electronic, Ambient, Metal, Experimental, etc

    Description: All donations here will go to the "Bronies For Good" foundation where it will be donated and spent bettering humanity and the world. :D
    We only have 200 downloads available to us, so we should save the Bandcamp Downloads for people who are willing to donate to charity! :D

    Title: 「Japan Pony Party!」
    Composer: Japan Pony Party Members


    Title: Eternal
    Composer: Rarity
    Genres: IDM, Electro Rock, Space Folk

    Description: A song for every chapter of “Eternal,” a fan fiction by Device Heretic.

    Title: Visions of the Night
    Composer: GatoPaint & ShadowcatKirara
    Genres: Metal, Pop, and More!

    Description: Deluxe Version of our Nightmare Rarity Themed Songs, Visions of the Night is a must have if you loved our previous work with GatoPaint~ Share the love~!!!

    Title: Voyage Of The Lost
    Composer: UndreamedPanic
    Genres: Trance

    Description: This album is created for funding my move to Calgary, hope you all enjoy this as much as I worked on it!
    I worked on this album for a few months and each track in this has its own little story to complete the full final story, a lost voyage from the moon to earth.

    Title: Wild Fire EP
    Composer: MandoPony & Silva Hound
    Genres: EDM, Hip Hop, House, Electronic, Dance

    Description: Inside Wild Fire EP is the radio edit, instrumental, acapella, and original version of MandoPony and Silva Hound's hit collaboration, "Wild Fire," which was written about the OC of MLP:FiM storyboard artist Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti. Included are two very special remixes from The Living Tombstone and Aftermath, as well as the original demo from MandoPony.