• Equestria Girls Holiday Special Hastings Exclusive Cover

    And here I thought we weren't going to get any retailer exclusive variants for the Equestria Girls Holiday Special. How silly of me to even think that for a second! 

    Turns out, one just popped up a good 3 days before the comic hits the shelves! From a retailer we haven't heard from in a while no less. Yes sir, Hastings has a retailer exclusive cover for this special one shot issue.

    And for those of you with keen eyes who think this cover looks familiar, you'd be right. The cover is a homage/second attempt by MLP Artist superstar Tony Fleecs of the cover he did for the 2013 MLP Annual issue.

    It's amazing to see how much Tony has improved after just one year by just comparing those two covers.

    Thanks to t0nicel for the heads up!