• Artist Training Ground Returning on December 1st! Prizes for All the Days Totally Happening

    For those that have been following EQD for the last few years, you probably know about our annual Artist Training Ground.  For those that don't, get your pencils ready! It's time to draw!

    Each year we pick a month and ask the swarms of you to learn to draw with us.  For half a month to a month, we drop a prompt each day that everyone is welcome to join in attempting to draw. Your skill level doesn't matter in the slightest.  Previous years have had everything from people picking up a pencil for the first time, to 20 year pros in the industry joining in.  The event starts off easy and slowly gets a bit more technical as time goes on, though nothing too strenuous. 

    This year we are doing things a bit different due to how tiring it is drawing for a whopping 31 days. The 2014 Artist Training Ground will run from the 1st of December end on the 15th We also have an extra bonus on this one, with daily random draw prizes for all participants! Some of the big names tossing items into the mix include:

    4DE - Plushies
    Enterplay - MLP card Game
    IDW - MLP Comics
    Toywiz - General toy store with a huge pony section
    Diamond Select - Upcoming pony figurine/piggy banks
    We Love Fine - Shirts, Messenger bags, and more!

    Expect cards, shirts, plushies, and loads of other things, with each one sponsoring a day.

    Check back on December 1st at around 9:00 PM PST for the beginning of it! Now go prepare!

    (And since quite a few people have no idea what this is, have some links to an older one:)

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5