• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 3

    Hold on to that feeeliiiing~ aaa... ah. Right. This thing's on. Hello again everyone, it's time once more to gather round and gaze upon the spectacle of your great deeds. That's right, it's NATG time! Today's gallery features another 602 ponies trotting, strutting, and moving on from the places they call home. Which means, as we start our official grand tally, in two days of art practice we've accumulated... drum roll please... 1231 images! Worthy of Journey, for sure.

    One of my favorite aspects of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds is getting to see all of the different ways people approach the prompts. We had some ponies singing karaoke, quite a few playing the game Journey, epic adventures galore, and a happy number just taking that first step. What's really magical about that is that even among artists who approached the prompt from similar angles, most everybody still contributed their own unique spins to the ideas. Don't take my word for it, step on in and see it for yourself!

    We've had a little bit of confusion about deadlines these past few days, so let's see if we can tweak things to be a bit less ambiguous for tonight. Your entries for Day 3 are due in at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time on Sunday, August 18. That's 24 hours from the time of this post. We'll count late entries for a little while afterwards, but try to be on time. If you miss out, don't worry! There will be makeup galleries later in on the event. For today, submit your Day 3 entries here.

    We've reached a major milestone, which marks this theme for celebration. Ponies aren't always known for fashion, but rise to the occasion! What costumes do we don, when asked to dress up? What do you pull out of the closet for a black tie affair? Your challenge for tonight: Draw a pony in costume/Draw a suited pony. Ready? Set? Art!