• Music of the Day #161

    It's too bad they don't like pinkamenaing Pinkie Pie.  She looks really good with straight hair.  I think I've said that a million times.

    Have some music! We have nine again.  Get them all below.

    [1] Source
    Art Of The Dress (RisenFromTheDust Remix)
    Remix - Disco

    [2] Source
    [Electro Trance] Hush Now Quiet Now (Klawz Remix)
    Remix - Trance

    [3] Source
    Nevermind - Pink Lie
    Instrumental - Dark Ambient

    [4] Source
    Celestial Sisters
    Instrumental - Metal

    [5] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Broken Rainbows
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [6] Source
    Swift Cloud - The Keepers (Original Mix)

    [7] Source
    Autumn Winds
    Instrumental - Acoustic

    [8] Source
    Crusader - Cloudsdale Sky Defense
    Instrumental - Electro

    [9] Source
    Von Victova - Leaving ( Octavia's Overture Instrumental cover )