• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 1

    Today is the day my friends! EqD is proud to present the 3rd annual Newbie Artist Training Grounds! New to the Training Grounds? Well, gather round and listen! The Training Grounds is a month long pony event to encourage those of you out there with an interest in drawing to either pick up a pen, pencil, crayon or what have you (no limit on what you can use!) and start drawing for the first time or, in the case of some others, to continue improving the skills they have! Over the course of this month you will be presented with a theme each day on what to draw and your imagination hopefully will be all that limits you. Last year was a record breaking event with thousands and thousands of pictures submitted and this year we are hoping you will all have as much fun!

    So how do you go about submitting your art once you are done and what is allowed? Simple my friends! All images are accepted as long as they are a clever interpretation of the theme or of the theme itself and the images also follow EqD content rules (Light on the saucy and gory details). Once your image is done you can then submit it to our compiler. Easy as pie!

    For today's submissions you have until August 17 at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time to submit your drawing(s). We'll keep the compiler up a little past this time to let those who are late for whatever reason submit, but once it is closed that theme is officially done! You'll have a limit of three submissions per day.

    Now on to the good stuff: the first theme to start this bad boy off! After consulting with a team of pony scientists, we've determined it's best to start off with a simple exercise for today to get your hooves wet.  Thus, draw a character staring into space or with a glazed look. That's right, I said character so feel free to draw a pony, a griffon, a Timber Wolf, or what have you. As long as it comes from FiM it's fair game!

    Finally, thanks to Fetchbeer of the ATG Alumni for theme suggestions and of course to Phoe for starting this wonderful mess. Have fun everyone!