• Cake Compeition - Prepare to be Hungry!

    Remember all those cakes in the nightly roundups?  Take that and multiply it by 10! We have 86 delicious cakes from the competition that ended last week, covering everything from full on pony sculptures to rainbow filled environments.

    Thanks to everyone that entered!  The voting for this covered 25 different people from every single layer of the pony fandom, and 5 final cakes were neck and neck near the end.  Head on down below the break for the list of winners, honorable mentions, and LOADS OF CAKE!

    Update: Something derped with the submitter and emails weren't recorded.  If you know who did the Twilight Sparkle and Lyra cakes let us know! Or if you did them, send an email to me directly.

    Grand Prize Winners

    The top 2 cakes as voted on by the mass of community voters.  It was neck and neck on the second one, but the MMMystery cake won by a landslide.

    Emails will be sent out to you guys in a bit, so keep an eye out! 

    MMMystery Friendship Cake by John

    Tons of voters for this one.  I'm heading to the grocery store for doughnuts right after this post is done. 

    Inspired from the My Little Pony MMMystery on the friendship express episode. It stands approximately 18 inches tall and is made entirely from scratch. Each tier is a classic sponge cake decorated with hand make butter cream. The donuts are mini donuts made with a simple donut recipe and a donut waffle iron. The eclair pastry is also entirely made from scratch from a french choux pastry dough and ginger infused creme patissiere. They are also mini only being about 21.5 inch in length (I had to cut them in half to fit on the cake). The mouse head on the top is actually sclupted tin foil coated in chocolate. This is the first time I have ever decorated a cake.

    My Little Bookworm: Reading is a Piece of Cake! - Sonorous Gravity

    One of the few statue cakes.   There was a bit of sculpting foam for some parts, but most is cake.

    This 12" long, 7" tall Twilight Sparkle is made of Yellow Cake, vanilla frosting, and marshmallow fondant. Her head, ears, and horn are made of sculpting foam for structure and to reduce weight, but her body and legs are all cake & frosting! The fondant was handmade and dyed. The whole project took about 8-9 hours over two days from cake bake to finishing touches.

    (Progress gallery here!) 

    RANDOM Winner

    As was promised in the event description, one person would win at random! Lyra would be proud.

    Had a lot of fun making this cake with my family, hope you enjoy. :)

    Honorable Mentions

    These are the cakes that the top cakes were battling it out with!  I am seriously really hungry right now. All of these received 2+ votes out of our 25 voters. 

    Sugar Cube Corner by Caramel Swirl 

    Technically gingerbread, but it has some cake elements in there. 

    Well, this here is a completely edible Sugar Cube Corner made of gingerbread. The decorations are made of turkish delight, Musk sticks, Toffee, royal icing and chocolate. The entire thing is edible except for the base, which is made of wood~! XD Well, enjoy~!

    MLP Birthday Cake - Pinstripe Cupcake

    This was baked for our shared birthday! The bottom layer was chocolate with peanut butter filling with Reese's peanut butter cups broken into it. The second and third layer was a vanilla cake with fruit filling, and the top was made out of pina colada rice crispies. All of it was decorated with coloured hand-made buttercream icing, and all but the pony & pet figurines was done by hand. The cake itself was made a few days prior; the decorating was done the day of, in about 6 hours. The party it was served at was entirely My Little Pony themed, complete with decorations! It was very delicious and oh-so-rich!

    The Elements of Cake - Katie 

    A very cool concept over all

    This is my entry to the "Pony Baking Contest" on Equestria Daily. With the cake, I tried to use each pony's cupcake to display their unique personality and talents. That custom Twilight in the middle is made of marzipan. That's right, you can now eat Twily. I would like to thank my mother for help mixing the frosting and Studio B for proving this fandom with such a great show. Please take a look at my gallery for more photos and information, plus closeups the custom Twilight!

    Pinkie Pie Gala Cake - Jess

    A very well done, classic multi-layer birthday cake with Pinkie Pie's gala dress accessories to top it off. 

    I made this for a friend's daughter... she loved it!

    Princesses of Harmony - Emma

    It included Luna, I'm surprised it didn't win by default!

    No description


    And onward to the masses of cake! Tons of really cool ones in here, covering themes from all over the fandom.  We even have a creepy Rainbow Factory one in there.

    Be sure to hit the page numbers at the bottom.  There are 86 in all.  Happy cake viewing!