• Story Updates - November 28th

    Clover the Clever joins Starswirl?! Only in fanfics! Get it and more down below!

    Story: All In - An Applejack Noir (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Belligerent Sock

    Description: Ever since she was a filly, Applejack has lived in Manehattan. And ever since Nightmare Moon took over, she’s had plenty of work as a private eye. When a tall stallion walks into her office and asks her to find his missing fiancé, it seems like just another case. But when a trail of clues and bodies leads her deeper into the darkened heart of the city, Applejack may find herself in over her fedora, and quite literally gambling for her life.

    All In - An Applejack Noir (New Part 8!)

    Story: Deception (Update Part 10!)

    Description: Twilight Sparkle has learned a new spell called "Dreamscape," which allows her and her friends to enter dream worlds within the margin of their subconscious. But these dreams are as malleable as they are dangerous, and each trip they take threatens to cause them serious harm and skew Twilight's perception of reality.

    Meanwhile, Spike is beginning to struggle with an old demon of his again. Only this time, his greed is more tempting, more malicious, and sentient: scheming to consume his every thought like a virus until there is nothing left of him but avarice.

    To keep their friend from becoming their new nemesis, the Mane Six must travel deep into Spike's subconscious and plant a thought in his mind that will forever make him contradict his dragon heart's innate inclination for greed. However, their mission will be difficult, dangerous, and the ends may not justify the means.

    But sometimes, to save your friends, you must change them.

    DECEPTION (New Part 10!)

    Story: The Education of Clover the Clever (New Part 9!)


    Author: Daedelean
    Description: Clover Cordelia is a freshmare student at the Cambridle Academy of Magic who is determined to become a great sorceress.
    Star Swirl the Bearded is a legendary wizard who is in need of an apprentice.

    Clover will soon discover that having great magical power might not actually make you easier to be around, and tends to attract unusual difficulties...

    It's nothing Star Swirl can't take care of, provided he and Clover manage to resist killing each other first.
    The Education of Clover the Clever (New Part 9!)