• M.A. Larson Crowns the Cannicorn

    What's this then? Another alicorn?! This can only mean one thing ladies and gents: M.A. Larson is heading to GalaCon this year to alicornify the heck out of the place. What else makes this deal even sweeter? GalaCon is opening up their Bizaam tickets once again!

    Want in on the action? Check out their presser after the break!

    Good Day,

    Somehow Canni turned into a Cannicorn. Maybe a certain M. A. Larson was involved in this incident? You all can ask him this question this summer, because he will be coming to Germany.

    "Gravity Falls", "Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends" or the wing-giving work for "My Little Pony", this man is somehow involved in all current shows we love. And if you are on holiday you can also enjoy his book "Pennroyal Academy" very soon. If Germany will survive his visit and if all members of the GalaCon team will have tripple-wings in August, you have to see yourself.

    Also thanks to M. A. Larson and Canni’s coronation to a Cannicorn her BIZAAM power increased, so that a limited amount of BIZAAM tickets will return to our ticket pool, with all the extras. So fetch your horn and wings on Monday the 5th May at 8pm CEST at http://www.galacon.eu/tickets/ to fly to Ludwigsburg as a pretty pony princess on the 2nd and 3rd of August.

    Now let us save Equestria until we meet again.

    Your GalaCon Team

    Twitter: Calpain