• BUCK 2014 ‘May the Fourth be with You’ Ticket Giveaway!

    In celebration of Star Wars Day (because why not) BUCK is announcing a ticket giveaway for this month starting May 18th! If you're looking to score some free tickets check on after the break for all the details!

    As for vendors, they have some new information for you as well so make sure to check it out, especially if you haven't booked a table yet.

    Greetings young padawans,
    With the Summer Sun Celebration announced and ready to rock, it’s time to get the announcements underway for the convention proper. For the next two weeks we’ll be throwing out as much information as we can about everything that’s coming up (and there’s a lot!).
    To celebrate this arbitrary holiday (could be worse – Life Day, anyone?) we’re going to give away a free* ticket for every hundred we sell between the 18th May and 24th May.
    So if you buy a ticket during this magic week and your ticket ends up as the one hundredth, or two hundredth and so on, you’re a winner! That’s a 1-in–... we won’t tell you the odds.
    Vendor applications are now closed! Soon you’ll be able to witness the merchandise of our fully stocked and decked-out vendor list. If you’re a vendor and you’ve yet to hear anything, make sure to keep an eye on your emails (including your spam folder, just in case).
    Stay tuned for more reasons why BUCK 2014 is the place to be this August (22nd, 23rd-24th)!
    So come and join the brony side; after all, you'll never find a more friendly community of love and tolerance.
    May the force be with you,
    The BUCK 2014 Team
    (We apologise for the terrible, terrible Star Wars puns.)
    *Applies to Standard, 20% Cooler and Celestia tickets. The chosen ticket will be refunded up to the value of £80.

    Twitter: Calpain