• "The Wait is Almost Over" for 4DE Fluttershy

    It looks like 4DE Is really ramping things up! Yet another update has arrived from their Twitter stream, this time dedicated to one that I know a ton of you have been asking about for a while now.  Announced back at Comic Con 2013, Fluttershy has been somewhat absent for over half a year now.  Even I have received emails asking where she is.  According to their announcement, it looks like she will finally be up for pre-order soon. I'm probably not the only one that has been holding out on buying the other lines for these.  I'd say it's way more than worth it to avoid frizzy/spaghetti/"I HAVE TO BRUSH THIS?" hair. 

    I'll be keeping an eye on their pre-order page.  Hopefully it appears within the next few weeks!