• Random Merch: Giant Pinkie Balloon, Combo Merch, Art Stuff, Backpacks, and More!

    Uh oh, are we combining g3.5 with g4? Is that a thing that is happening now? This was found over on Aliexpress, which combines both knockoff merch with future releases.  I'm guessing knockoff, but you never know~  Thanks to Vicar for sending that one.

    Get more random merch below!

    Giant Pinkie Pie Balloon

    I honestly have no idea what day Pinkie's actual birthday is, but have a balloon for her anyway. 

    Found at: Canyon Springs Mall
    Found by: Diego

     Rainbow Dash and Derpy Hit Wal Mart 

    More of a merch update than anything.  The Funko figures appear to be heading to Walmart stores, similar to Toys R' Us and Hot Topic.  Just these two are popping up so far. 

    Found at: WalMart
    Found by: Micheal

    Light Up Necklace


    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Micheal

     More Backpack Styles

    For the last few weeks of school! 

    Found at:  Ross
    Found by: Michelle

    Pony Tin

    No trading card in this one, it's at a new store though.

    Found at: Old Navy
    Found by: Julia

    50 Tattoo Set

    Wear one of these for a month before you get a real pony tattoo.  You never know!

    Found at: Old Navy
    Found by: Julia

    Art Supplies

    Blind Bags with pencils! 

    Found at: TJ Maxx
    Found by: Julia


    I get emails all the time for not putting the accent in Pinata, but I don't feel like looking it up. 

    Found at:  Grocery Stores
    Found by: Ajnrules

    Cupcake Set

    Rainbow Dash flavored~

    Found at:  Walmart
    Found by: Isaiah