• Streams and Mare-Athons Today

    As is the norm for pre-episode day, a boatload of events are happening.   Everything from movies to pony focused mare-athons are planned.  Head on down below the break to check them all out!

    Brony TV

    Week 4! So, what do we have in store for you this week? Last week, Ponyace joined us preshow for an amazing dj set. This week, DJ Sleepypony of Brony Radio will bring us some music at 8 AM EST Saturday morning. Then we'll restream the previous 2 episodes at 9:40 (Castle Mane-ia and Daring Don't), Leading right up to the newest episode, "Flight to the Finish", at 10:30 AM EST.

    Tune in the previous night (Friday) at 7 PM EST for some random pony media and cards against humanity! If Mirality is feeling generous (he usually is), the random pony media will keep going til Sleepypony's dj set.
    And as always, Tune in next Thursday 11 PM EST for Twitchy After Dark for some episode discussion.
    (Our chat is always open! Even when there's not an event going on, we like to have activity in our chat, so come add to the discussion throughout the week)
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    Brony TV

    World of Equestria

    Hello everypony! You better get your good luck charms ready for this Friday the 13th! We promise we will try to keep as much bad luck as possible out of the stream, just make sure not to break any mirrors! Other than trying to avoid the bad luck, we will be having another pony filled Friday/Saturday so be sure to join us at 6:30 PM EST!

    At 10:00AM EST on Saturday, we will be streaming Episode 4: Castle Mania then after that, the new episode: Flight to the Finish. We hope to see you all there :)

    Also, starting next week, we will have a news letter to help detail more events that we plan to have in the future, so get psyched! We also hope to have our website ready by January, we will keep you updated on that.

    Have any questions? Got a suggestion? E-Mail us at: [email protected]

    Find it here!

    Equestria TV

    Find it over here!

    Bronystate Newsletter

    Greetings everypony! We have less than two weeks until Christmas! We know you are probably exhausted with both finals and Christmas shopping therefore, take a break with Brony Movie Night! We've got some excellent movies lined up this week such as Cast Away and War Games. For Pony episodes, we have both Sisterhooves Social and Hearth's Warming Eve. Lottery pull is on Saturday this week so be sure to get your votes in by then! Brony Movie Night streams this Friday at 7 PM EST and on Saturday at 2 PM EST.

    We'll be live at 10:30 AM EST during the live premiere of Season 4 Episode 5, "Flight to the Finish!" Come and enjoy the stream with a bunch of like-minded individuals (see: Bronies). After the episode is over, enjoy a synopsis and reflection of the episode with the post-show in partnership with Celestia Radio!

    Radio Saturn is here each week with the latest music hits and popular selections. Join the stream live for all the fun starting at 4 PM EST on Friday!

    The show that features informative talk and all the latest news on the fandom is back again this week with your hosts Everlasting_Joy and MrBen. This week will be a interview with Laserpon3, a brony who specializes with creating MLP laser shows in timing with music. Shows starts at 4 PM EST on Sunday!

    Love classic Disney animation? Then swing on by Bronystate starting next week, starting Monday, December 16th at 7 PM EST. We'll be streaming two movies per night Monday through Thursday. The schedule is as followed:

    Monday: The Great Mouse Detective and The Lion King
    Tuesday: Fantasia and Hercules
    Wednesday: Beauty and the Beast and Mulan
    Thursday: Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph

    Hope to see everyone there!

    Brony Network

    Friday {12/13/13}:

    Home Alone {PG}: 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

    Home Alone 2 {PG}: 10:40pm CT / 11:40pm ET / 8:40pm PT

    Saturday {12/14/13}:

    MLP: Mixed PMVs / Episodes Marathon: 12:40pm CT / 1:40pm ET / 10:40pm PT

    Suburban Knights {NC} {TGWTG Special}: 6am CT / 7am ET / 4am PT

    MLP: S4 EP5 "Flight to the Finish": 9:30 CT / 10:30 ET / 7:30 PT

    Summer Wars {PG}: 11pm CT / 12pm ET / 9pm PT

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