• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway, Winners and Entrants: Day 5

    Today our runner-up was from Nyrx with this colourful full-page entry called 'Bust-A-Pose'. I guess Sweetie Belle and Rarity are half bubble-dragon in this? They certainly do look extraordinary!

    Join us after the break for the winners and entrants of the fifth day of the Hearth's Warming Microcomic Giveaway!

    The submitter for Day 6 will be closing soon, so for those of you who still want to enter, get a move on before this IDW Mini-Comic giveaway is all wrapped upDoohoohoo, such a card I am! *thighslap*.


    If you have won and you haven't been contacted yet then don't worry, you will be. Those of you with harder to find net-presences may wish to email me at midnightshadow@equestriadaily.com, which may make things easier for Sethisto to come find you if you win. If we can't then the runners-up take your place!

    So, congratulations to Tim Fortune on winning the colouring-in category with the entry above! Once again, this category is chosen by random number generation from random.org.

    The prompt, however, is chosen by the rest of the crew at EqD, and the winner of the prompt-drawn picture today was 'Library Gifts' by Shawn Ralph.

    Winners will be contacted by a member of staff as soon as possible (or when we can tie Sethisto down long enough). A great big thanks to all entrants so far, and good luck for the final day!

    Below we have all the entries, sorted by category. Some entries were not considered for the prize draw, but are still displayed. Previous winners in any category are not put into the running, and since I've allowed two entries per person, a second entry in the same category replaces the first.

    First are the entries for the colouring-in category

    Secret agent Christmas pinkie - Robin Hoof

    It's a secret to everypony.
    18 Zoameldar

    22 George A.

    28 PinkieXmasMission Lineart Blazefire101

    colors everywhere!!!!!!!!

    And an entry via email from Valeria which I added to the lineart random pool.

    Next are the entries for the prompt-drawn category!

    Bust-a-pose - Nyrx

    Was actually meant for day 4 but I overshot the time when uploading it. Luckily prompt 5 mentions family so I'm just going to play this as if I totally meant for it to turn out this way. I was aiming for prompt 5 all along, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
    Library Gifts - Shawn Ralph

    10 Shkle's Present - MyBoyJ

    Here we have Shkle preparing to unwrap a special package.
    11 Twilight Shops Online - Jamie Tipton

    I'm pretty proud of this one. Although I'm sure she would actually wrap them herself, she is a good friend like that. Also, the prices were not meant to be accurate, they are just supposed to be close together, so it looks like she loves all her friends equally.
    12 Christmas Present Problems - Gabriela

    In this drawing, Lauren Faust is wrapping the Christmas Presents for Luna and Celestia. She doesn't notice though that the two mischievous fillies are quietly opening their presents after Lauren sets them down behind her. She isn't looking when she sets them down behind her and that is why the two are getting away with it. Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming!
    15 Hearth's Warming Pony Pals - L. Brothers

    I draw ponies and pony accessories.
    16 *Another* one of these?... - Hydrus Beta

    They never know what they'll get from us...
    20 Vinyl Scratch wonders if it'll fit under tree now - Arkanoid1

    Ok I will actually do this again! Vinyl just finished wrapping that most important gift for that special somepony. Will it fit under the tree? I drew Vinyl in standard no. 2 pencil with light colored pencil but re-colored her and created the other stuff in Irfan View. I wasn’t quite clear whether a pencil/digital mix would be qualifying criteria so if it isn’t accepted no biggie to me. Sorry if I missed that. Thanks all!
    24 Apple Bloom gets a Present - VGJustice

    Oh! Well. This is awkward. Maybe she likes his mane? Silly idea I had for a little self depreciating humor for the fifth day of the EqD Hearth’s Warming competition. And let us not thing too deeply how Apple Bloom ended up with a plushy of my OC. Inked, colored with crayon.
    26 Derpy's greatest gift~ - Zonic

    Dr.Hppves has given derpy the smallest and greatest gift she will ever recieve~
    29 Yo dawg, I heard you like gifts... - Happy Switch

    Based on a true story.
    31 Gift Wrapping Twilight - Frith

    Wrapping gifts not easy for Twilight Sparkle! ^_^ If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, where anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. The email addy I use is bogus... it might exist, but I've never looked. Just drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org. ^_^

    And one entry via email from Elisa