• Random Merch: Ornaments, Snow Stuff, Chap Stick Derpy's, and More!

    More ornaments? I can't even keep track of these things anymore.  Find these at FYE for 8 bucks a pop.  Thanks to Tom for the pictures!

    And head on down below for more random merch!

    Snow Hat and Gloves

    Found at big lots by Samuel!

    Advent Calendar

    Yet another one! Found by Weather Hoof. 

    Derpy and Rainbow Chapstick Topper

    Found at Toys R' Us by Flutterdragon

    Pony Sketchbook

    Apparently it's not a sketch book at all.  Found by Unicornmon!

    3 Puzzle Pack

    Found by lordelliott at Wal-Mart

    Fun Watches

    Did I ever tell you guys I suck at reading normal clocks quickly? I'm spoiled by digital. 

    Find these over here! Thanks to Energy Pony and everyone else that sent them.