• Brony Parody Comic "My Little Phoney: A Brony Adventure" In The Works

    It looks like pony is once again being parodied, this time with a full series from Dynamite Comics.  The description is as follows: 

    (W) Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley
    Welcome to the world of the Horse-He, middle-aged men who share an unusual devotion to My Little Phoney. Though the line of sparkley and adorable horses was made for young girls, nothing stops the Horse-Hes from adopting this lifestyle. When a dispute ignites over which clan of Horse-Hes are truest to the Horsey creator’s original vision, the game of one-upmanship gets bizarre, and apocalyptic. Now, the Horse-Hes must travel the barren wasteland to discover who the truest Horse-He is.
    This is either going to be hilarious, or groanworthy.  I'm hoping for the first one. 

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up!

    Source: Bleedingcool